Digital Media sets careers ablaze for CQUni students

Meet two CQUniversity students who have used their passion for regional arts and their study in CQUniversity’s Bachelor of Digital Media to open the door to career opportunities and valuable industry experience.

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6 Pro tips for exam preparation

Exams are never passed by accident. Effective preparation takes time, effort and to a large extent, understanding what works best for you.

Do you need help preparing for an upcoming exam? Here are our top tips, thanks to the team at the Academic Learning Centre…

1. Do your homework

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Stress less about referencing with these tips from the ALC

Are you dreading assessment submissions? Feeling anxious any time you think about Turnitin? You’re not alone! Referencing Related Stress (RRS) is a common condition among university students. It’s piling on unnecessary pressure and we need it to stop.

Lucky for all of us, the Academic Learning Centre (ALC) has the perfect remedy – a concoction of tips to help you cure RRS and stress less about referencing.

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Get ready for uni with our 7 tips

You might be waiting to receive an offer for your dream university degree or perhaps you’ve already enrolled in the next term but what do you do while you wait to get started?

We all know it can be overwhelming starting university, it’s a big change in our lives – how do you even prepare? Well, we’ve put together a quick 7 tip guide on things to do before you start so you are feeling confident and ready on day one but most importantly excited.

Check out our list below and make time to chat to our student recruitment team at one of our online chat sessions with any questions you have.

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National Safe Work Month

Witches, ghouls and ghosts may haunt the minds of many when the word ‘October’ first pops into mind. However, the statistics of workplace health and safety can be much more harrowing than a Halloween horror house.

While most Australian employees return home after the working day, unfortunately, approximately 198 die each year as a consequence of workplace incidents. Over 111,200 serious claims are made each year. These deaths and injuries have a detrimental and personal impact on staff and their families, with substantial financial cost to the Queensland public.

This October, CQUniversity supports Safe Work Month and the event’s effort to make workplaces safer. This year the theme is “a moment is all it takes.” While it only takes a moment for a workplace incident to occur, there are measures you can take to learn about the risks and hazards to avoid these incidents.

In regards to this, CQUniversity offers many pathways if you are looking to learn more about the health and safety industry or upgrade your skills:

Coding a line to Information Technology through Robotics

Hi, my name is Thomas Orr and I’m studying a Bachelor of Information Technology, majoring in Application Development. What sparked my interest in IT and App Creation was actually the robotics competitions that CQUniversity holds annually.

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Part 2: My Global Voices experience at COP23

So, this is my first time overseas, as apparently Tasmania and New Zealand don’t count. I feel so privileged to represent CQUniversity and to be selected for this prestigious Global Voices scholarship, it is like the last piece of the puzzle to my university journey.

After three long flights, and a train from a regional town in Australia I step foot in Germany, 15,039 km away from my home town of Townsville. The feeling is surreal, and my week has only begun!

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My hopes to change lives with fitness

My name is Alisa Roberts and I’m studying a Certificate IV in Fitness at CQUniversity via online education. I’m a mum of two girls (11 and 14), and I run my own business, so online education is the best way for me to study.

Distance education

The freedom and flexibility of studying by online education are the best part. But you’ve got to be disciplined with yourself. I studied most of my course; I had the opportunity to spend one week in the state-of-the-art facilities at the Mackay City campus as part of the practical requirement of the curriculum. They have a great campus with the all the machines and equipment. Continue reading My hopes to change lives with fitness

My unforgettable trip to China via CQUGlobal

My name is Ashley and I am a current fourth-year student in the Bachelor of Medical Sonography / Graduate Diploma of Medical Sonography program at the CQUni Melbourne campus.

I commenced study at CQUni in 2014 after completing a Bachelor of Health Science on the Gold Coast. Although I was born in South Africa, I moved to Australia when I was five, and now call Melbourne “home”.

In recognition of my academic achievement throughout my studies, I was invited to join the Golden Key International Honours Society in 2015, who partner with ‘Envision’ and the International Scholar Laureate Program (ILSP).

I was given the opportunity to explore health care and medical education in a different culture as part of the Delegation in Medicine and Science, hosted by the ISLP in China. The international program offers educational opportunities and experiences to high achieving students in delegations such as Medicine and Science, Engineering, Business, Nursing and Healthcare, and Diplomacy, visiting countries across the world.

As part of the experience, I travelled to Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

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Gear up and learn some networking tips

How much knowledge do you have about the area of your study? Do you know your industry well? Do you know the job market for the area of your study? What would your answer be if you were asked these questions in your interview?

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