Finding my Study Tribe

There is an old African proverb that says it takes a village to raise a child. I believe the same can be said about choosing to study as a mature age student and I could not have asked for a better group of inspirational people to make up my village.

My name is Chryseis (pronounced Chris-say-is) Richardson and I am currently studying a Diploma in Beauty Therapy at CQUni Rockhampton City.

20161214_132341_resizedBeing a single mum of one, having two casual child care jobs, being a consultant for Tupperware and Nutrimetics as a side project and being a local belly dancer for Sabaya, I never thought it would be possible to fit in study. Not just that but I didn’t feel confident and questioned my ability to complete a qualification however with the support of my amazing village, I have already completed a Certificate III in Beauty Services and am now working hard to complete my diploma. Continue reading Finding my Study Tribe

Global experience has prepared me for life as a Paramedic

My name is Dennis Mahony and I’m a full-time Bachelor of Paramedic Science student. This is my final year of study and I graduate in the next three months.

I’ve recently returned from an international placement – an opportunity that I was lucky to have been given as a CQUni student – and something which opened my eyes to what life will be like when I finally become a Paramedic.

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Following in my father’s footsteps

My name is Xela Angela Pil (top right) and I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) and Diploma of Professional Practice (co-op). This will be my third year in the course with only a year and a half to go.

When I left school, I did so with no real direction on what career I wanted to pursue. I therefore decided to work for a while before jumping back into study. During that time, I was able to reflect on the things that interested me.

My father is a civil engineer and it was during this time between finishing school and starting university that I showed some interest in what he does – which turned out to be very interesting! He got to travel and be involved in creating a wide-range of interesting things:  from marine structures to bridges and buildings. This is when engineering became the suitable career choice for me.

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Juggling uni and kids prepares Gemma for life as a nurse

My name is Gemma Hale and I am a 31 year old Bachelor of Nursing student at CQUniversity.

I began part-time study via distance education in 2014 while my children were little; wanting to carve out a brighter future for us. I currently sit somewhere between first and second year with completed study.

I chose CQUni as they could provide me with the flexibility I needed to happily study whilst still maintaining some balance in my life. While based in Cairns, I am enrolled as a distance student meaning I reap the rewards of both worlds. I am able to use and engage in the study/social environment of on-campus offerings, but on days when commitments don’t allow me access, I don’t fall behind with material as I can study from home. I enjoy the diversity in utilising different working environments to enhance my studies.

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5 reasons to attend CQUni Online Chat Sessions

In addition to our on-campus events, CQUniversity will also be hosting Online Chat Sessions (right here on Facebook Messenger) every Tuesday and Thursday, from 11 am – 1 pm throughout the ENTIRE Open Day season! Continue reading 5 reasons to attend CQUni Online Chat Sessions

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