Start studying your passion in high school

Our Start University Now (SUN) program is a fantastic opportunity for high school students wanting to kick-start their tertiary education and sample university life. SUN has been developed to give you the opportunity to study units (subjects) at CQUniversity while completing your high school studies.

In the testimonial below, Adam – a current Bundaberg SUN student – explains why he chose to study a business course and how this gave him a taste of his dream degree. As you can see from the below, SUN confirmed Adam’s passion for accountancy and has provided him with a linear pathway to university. Continue reading Start studying your passion in high school

How my CQUni study made me leave my comfort zone

Just over three years ago, I sat down at my desk job, unmotivated, searching for passion, searching for meaning, but most of all searching for change. I had only been in the field for 3 years, but I knew it wasn’t me, it wasn’t a journey that I really wanted to pursue. In two short weeks, I had jumped completely out of my comfort zone, resigned and applied for a Master of Teaching (Primary) course through CQUni. I felt relieved, I felt happy but most of all I was excited and enthusiastic to see where this new journey would take me. Continue reading How my CQUni study made me leave my comfort zone

My agriculture journey in Rockhampton, Beef Capital of Australia

Ruby Hubbard

My name is Ruby Hubbard and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Agriculture at CQUni in Rockhampton, which I will complete in 2019.

After leaving school in 2014, I went to a university in Brisbane to study nursing. After 6 months of persevering with the degree, I finally concluded that it wasn’t for me – what a relief that was. I took the rest of the year off, to work and decide what I wanted to do, and this brought me to CQUni in Rockhampton. Continue reading My agriculture journey in Rockhampton, Beef Capital of Australia

Empowering producers through precision livestock management research

Dave Swain - Featured image

The challenge facing the North Australian beef industry remains the same as it did a century ago: identifying superior genetics which can thrive in harsh and remote environmental conditions, with limited human intervention.

CQUniversity’s Precision Livestock Management (PLM) team is making that happen. Recognised as the national leader in the field of tropical livestock research and based in the Beef Capital of Rockhampton, our PLM research team is leading the way in the development of automated livestock management systems designed to provide graziers with all the information they need without leaving the homestead. Continue reading Empowering producers through precision livestock management research

Find my beef

Mark Trotter

Imagine a world where producers can know exactly where their livestock are in real time without leaving the homestead? Well, this is now possible with GPS tracking technology and behavioural monitoring sensors. These sensors know exactly where an animal is and how it is behaving, and have abundant applications for producers, from simply detecting if an animal has escaped from a paddock through to more complex behavioural modelling which can detect if a cow is about to calve, is being chased by dogs, or is suffering from disease. Continue reading Find my beef

Tap versus bottled water

With thousands of Australians paying top dollar for bottled water each week, a CQUni researcher is asking – why?

By PhD Researcher Adam Rose

Recently consumers have turned to bottled water as a preference to good old-fashioned tap water. It may surprise some people to hear that research is now finding that the water coming from the tap is better quality than the bottled water you pay for. Tap water has had to pass strict drinking water guidelines, whereas, bottled water is not subject to the same guidelines, rather the Food Standards Australia Guidelines, specifically the Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Brewed Soft Drinks. Interestingly, there have been reports of more people in developed countries becoming sick following consumption of contaminated bottled water than those consuming tap water. Continue reading Tap versus bottled water

Have you ever wanted to make a lecturer eat a tarantula?

Each year, some students from our Bachelor of Laws programs travel to the Kingdom of Cambodia to experience Cambodian culture, and to learn about human rights issues, violence against women, the exploitation of children, and Cambodia’s recovery from genocide under the Khmer Rouge in the late 1970s. Continue reading Have you ever wanted to make a lecturer eat a tarantula?

Finding my Study Tribe

There is an old African proverb that says it takes a village to raise a child. I believe the same can be said about choosing to study as a mature age student and I could not have asked for a better group of inspirational people to make up my village.

My name is Chryseis (pronounced Chris-say-is) Richardson and I am currently studying a Diploma in Beauty Therapy at CQUni Rockhampton City.

20161214_132341_resizedBeing a single mum of one, having two casual child care jobs, being a consultant for Tupperware and Nutrimetics as a side project and being a local belly dancer for Sabaya, I never thought it would be possible to fit in study. Not just that but I didn’t feel confident and questioned my ability to complete a qualification however with the support of my amazing village, I have already completed a Certificate III in Beauty Services and am now working hard to complete my diploma. Continue reading Finding my Study Tribe

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