A scholarship made all the difference

A CQUniCares Appeal Scholarship helped Bachelor of Physiotherapy graduate Casey Pomeroy complete required placement while studying, and enabled her to provide physiotherapy to disadvantaged children living with disability.

As part of her physiotherapy degree, Casey was required to complete 25 weeks of clinical placement. Clinical placements – often unpaid – are common requirements for students to undertake as part of their course, particularly in health-related fields.

Scholarship support can make a huge difference in these times, giving students the help they need to juggle study, work and clinical placements.

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Easing the pressure valve of life.

Lou Warwick is Bachelor of Building Design student at CQUniversity. Following a workplace accident, and with the support of her lecturer, Lou applied and received a CQUniCares Emergency Grant to help her overcome the obstacles she was facing.

Earlier this year, Lou was also awarded a CQUniCares Appeal Scholarship, made possible by generous alumni, staff, students and friends of the University who supported the 2018 CQUniCares Annual Appeal.

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Conservatorium of Music alumni update

Welcome to your CQUni Conservatorium of Music update, where we share news and opportunities. 

We always love to hear where your career has taken you – and how, as Performers, Teachers, Administrators or Arts workers, you are sharing your passion and following your career goals.

Our programs encompass a broad range of disciplines and graduates, and we have tried to reflect these in these stories. If you would like to contribute a profile or ideas, please contact us. You can also message us and follow all the action on our Facebook page.

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My CQUni Scholarship Journey

Every year students receive donor-funded scholarships to help them get to university and continue their studies. Below is Zac’s story. Zac received two scholarships in his time at CQUni – The Walter and Eliza Hall Scholarship in his first year, which helped him get set up for success, and a CQUniCares Appeal Scholarship in his second year, which helped him move on campus and continue his studies.

My name is Zac Newland and I am a third-year Engineering student in Mackay.

Of my time at CQUniversity, I would have to say I found my second year the most difficult. I completed my first year via distance and moved on-campus for second year to continue my Mechatronics major.

This was a huge move for me as it was my first time living away from home. I walk with callipers and a walking frame and when not in those I use a wheelchair. Leaving my support and moving to a totally different environment where I had to take care of myself and continue with my studies was rather daunting. 

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Stacy Evans – Indigenous Scholarships Officer

Stacy Evans

I am a proud Darumbal and Australian South Sea Islander woman and CQUniversity Alumnus. I graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts (Distinction) majoring in psychology.  Receiving my cultural sash on stage at my Graduation ceremony in Rockhampton will always be a highlight in my life.

I encourage all students to follow their dreams and obtain a qualification in their chosen field. At times, it will not be easy, but persevere and reach out for assistance when you need a helping hand. You and your family will be so proud of your accomplishments.

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20 money hacks for the uni student on a budget

Hi, I’m Dimitri – CQUniversity alumnus and now, a Financial Adviser.

Surviving on a student budget is tough (trust me, I’ve been there!). If you haven’t already, check out my blog on how to plan and prepare financially for life as a student.

Once you’ve done that, keep reading for my top 20 tips to save money (in ways you may not have thought of before!)…

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Surviving on a student budget

This article was written by CQUniversity alumnus Dimitri Kondilis (BFinPlan), Financial Adviser at Soundbridge Financial Services.

University study can be stressful, but managing money is on a whole other level – especially when you’re on a student budget.

Ask any student what the hardest part of being a student is and they will often tell you it is having no money.

Struggling to afford your education and desired lifestyle can be a major stress in your life as a student and can lead to financial difficulties if you do not pay attention to the realities of income and expenses.

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How CQUni Study Hubs helped me take the distance out of online study

Hi, I’m Carolyn Armstrong and I’ve just completed a Bachelor of Nursing with Distinction at CQUni… from my hometown of Broome!

Despite being an odd 2000 kilometre journey from the nearest CQUniversity campus in Perth, I was able to complete my studies online – a feat which was made all the more easier by my time spent at the Broome Study Hub.

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