Top Tips for Moving to Australia

Well done! So you’ve decided to move overseas to study! You’ve accepted your offer from CQUniversity, got your visa sorted, got a medical check-up, booked your plane tickets and packed your luggage. All you need to do now is to get on that plane and get ready for a new life in a new country.

All this can be a bit overwhelming, and it’s easy to lose yourself in the excitement, but you’ll need to tie up loose ends and buckle up — it’s going to be one of the most stressful experiences in your life.

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How-to: Group Assessments!

Most of the universities and institutions in Australia will put a major emphasis on group assignments: this is when a number of students collaborate and work together, with limited supervision to complete a task. I’m sure most students have assignments “knocking-on-the-door” and if you’re studying anything that is remotely related to Strategic Management you would know what I’m trying to convey.  Just looking at the number of group assignments I have this term is driving me up the wall.

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Life Down Under

About 18 months ago I decided to start a new life in Melbourne, Australia. I decided that I needed to study further in order to reach my full potential and land that dream job. My parents were supportive of my decision, and my friends were absolutely thrilled; most of my friends are scattered all over the world – “You’ll love it, living on your own!” they said, however, I wasn’t fully convinced.

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