May Pen Pal Ambassadors!

We are very excited to announce our May Pen Pal Ambassadors! Our ambassadors are active conversation starters on the Facebook group who aim to build and promote connections between students. We would like to share a little bit about the ambassadors and their experiences so far.

Jessie Oszlovits

I joined the Pen Pal Project back in 2020 when it was first announced. I was super excited to get involved, because pen-palling has always been a hobby of mine on and off, and I was thrilled at the prospect of being involved in a Uni based Pen Pal Project. 

I have made a couple of great pen pals out of the project so far, including one that I consider to be a good friend now. I absolutely love getting mail from her, it brightens my day! We try to outdo each other with decoration and creative flair each time we write! We also swap fun stationery items and playlist suggestions. 

I would recommend the Pen Pal Project to anyone currently studying, honestly! It is a fantastic way to make connections, especially if you are an online student or maybe relocated to study and don’t know anyone. It really helped me to feel like a “real” Uni student and part of CQU. No matter your age or walk of life, everybody needs and craves connection. Who knows, you might make a lifelong friendship! 

Khalid Hasan Seum

Hello fellow students! My name is Khalid, and I am currently studying cyber security on the Sydney campus. When I joined CQUniversity, I had hardly any friends and I didn’t know anyone on campus either. I was looking to see if CQUniversity had any programs that could help me connect with other students and turning those connections into new friendships.

Through the MyCQU support page, I found out about the pen pal project. I joined about 7 months ago. My experience with the pen pal project so far has been one I will never forget. One of my close friends I have made through the project is studying their Masters in Public Health and we chat regularly. Personally, I encourage you to join the Pen Pal project so you can have a similar experience as me.

My favourite thing about connecting with other students is how you learn about their culture, find out about their hobbies and have someone to share your thoughts with. I know how stressful university studies can be and we all need that support from a friend to help through when times are tough. Come and give it a go, you never know who might meet.

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