What you need to know about the 2018 Careers Fair

Wednesday, 14 March 2018| 10am – 2pm | Level 1, Library Rockhampton North campus

Whether you’re a new student interested in part-time/casual work, or you are coming to the end of your degree or qualification and want to know more about full-time employment opportunities, there will be something for you at the 2018 Careers Fair.

Here’s what you need to know…

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Discover what you can do with UCROO

You’ve spoken, and we’ve listened. In 2018, Ucroo is back with a list of new features and improvements we know you’re going to love. The team have been working hard behind the scenes to bring our students a social network that is engaging, reliable, and addresses some common pain points.

Our new platform has officially launched, and (technical jargon aside) here’s some of the fun stuff you can now do with Ucroo…
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#AskaMentor for CQUni’s best student hotspots

Let’s face it– good food and even better coffee is essential in the life of a university student – how else will you get through those gruelling hours of study?

Lucky for you, our student mentors Anita, Marsha, Railala, Yudhi and Bel have investigated the places you need to visit to help get you through your day. They’ve also discovered the online sites you need to have bookmarked so you can check out the hottest student spots – no matter how or where you study!

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#AskaMentor – How to tackle your first few weeks

Congrats! You’ve officially survived your first two weeks at University.

While we’re sure you are elated to have made it this far, you’re probably starting to feel a little stressed and anxious as you look towards the upcoming term, map out your assessments and start to notice those deadlines already approaching much quicker than you would like.


Tackling your first weeks at Uni can be daunting, and no one knows that better than our Student Mentors, who have been there and done that all before.

Check out their best tips for making it through unscathed!

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‘Get it Together’ with the Library and ALC

Each term, the CQUni Library hosts a series of ‘Get it Together’ study sessions across different campuses. In Term 1, sessions are being held across our various campus locations.

These sessions are a great opportunity to catch up, seek advice, and focus on your study.  We encourage you to attend and here’s why…

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Let the Library help you

We know our CQUni students are busy – some of you balance work, study, social activities and families. That’s why, each term, CQUni Libraries extend their opening hours so you can fit study in with your lifestyle. Extended opening hours also help with that last minute cramming the night before an assignment deadline – although we’re positive you will be much more organised than that.

Keep reading to find out how the Library can help you this term…

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Changing 25 students’ lives in 25 days

Did you know financial stress is one of the top four reasons for students not completing their study?

We know university isn’t always easy and the stress of financial barriers can make it hard for our students to achieve success. At CQUni, we care about you and want to help eliminate the barriers which make it hard to be what you want to be.

This week CQUni launched its annual CQUniCares appeal with an aim to raise enough funds in 25 days to offer 25 scholarships to 25 of our deserving students!

Want to know how you can help us change the lives of 25 students? Keep reading…

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