Prepare for your studies with OTV

Starting university can be overwhelming at the best of times, not to mention in the middle of a global pandemic.

Although restrictions and social distancing requirements mean we can’t have our usual face-to-face Orientation events, we’re just as excited to deliver Orientation Our Way – a personalised online Orientation experience.

At the heart of the program is Orientation TV (OTV). In this blog, we’ve asked our events team to answer some of your burning questions about OTV and explain why it’s the best way to prepare for your first term.

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Orientation Our Way

In Term 2, CQUni is delivering a new personalised online Orientation experience, giving you more session options and the flexibility to learn about the topics that matter to you.

The interactive and personalised program will connect you with lecturers, support staff, alumni, and your fellow students – all from the comfort of home. Whether you’re a new or continuing student, there’s something for everyone with Orientation Our Way.

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The when and where of grades release

Certification of Grades refers to the date that final grades or interim results are released to students. On this date, a process occurs during which the final grades or interim results for each HE unit are released for that term.

The Certification of Grades date for each term can be found in the Key Dates calendar of the CQUni Handbook. For Term 1 2020, grades will be released on Friday, 10 July.

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about Certification of Grades…

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Clubs and societies at CQUni

Want to find your tribe, build your network and nurture your interests? Thanks to the support of your nominated Student Representative Council, clubs and societies are blossoming at CQUniversity.

Joining in extra-curricular activities like these can help you to connect and develop both personally and professionally. Keep reading to discover the benefits of joining one (or more) of the clubs and societies on offer today!

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What you need to know about downloading Microsoft Office for FREE

I think we can all agree that having access to the right software is essential in successfully completing your study, including preparing assessments and exam preparation.

Did you know CQUni students have free access to the latest Microsoft Office downloads? Here’s what you need to know…

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Most Instagrammable Spots at CQUni

Are you on the hunt for the perfect Instagram photo? Look no further than your local CQUni campus. Our campuses are full of fun ways to brighten up your Instagram feed, with everything from natural beauty and amazing views, to unique artworks and architecture.

Here’s a few of our favourite spots to get great Instagram shots on campus…

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How to be CyberSafe

Tuesday, 28 January is International Data Privacy Day, raising awareness about and promoting privacy and data protection best practices.

Behind the security barricades of CQUni’s Information & Technology Directorate, a team of superheroes work hard every day fighting the forces of Internet evil keeping CQUni’s systems and data safe. We call them the CQUni CyberHeroes! Chief CyberHero, Firewall, says ‘although Data Privacy Day is once a year, it’s important everyone maintains strong privacy practices all year-round to protect their data’. But what does that mean for you? Below are the CyberHeroes’ hot tips for you to follow.

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Small start leads to big change

Social innovation can seem overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be.

CQUni Master of Management for Engineers graduate, Bikesh Lal Shrestha believes it can be as simple as making small changes in our everyday life.

“Social innovation does not have to be a big invention. It could be a simple change in the way of doing something or approaching a situation that results in better outcomes.”

Originally from Nepal, Bikesh has always been passionate about helping people and solving social issues, and credits CQUni’s online iChange program for teaching him the basics of social innovation.

Keep reading to learn more about Bikesh’s experience with iChange, and how you can get started with the program.   

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