Gear up and learn some networking tips

How much knowledge do you have about the area of your study? Do you know your industry well? Do you know the job market for the area of your study? What would your answer be if you were asked these questions in your interview?

Imagine the person you spoke in a conference, referred you to your dream company and you receive a call from them saying that you are one of the short-listed candidates for a job interview. How exciting would it be?

Why Network then? 

  1. You are recommended by your network for a vacant job
  2. Confidence level is boosted
  3. Communication skills are improved
  4. You feel motivated because you meet people from your study field
  5. You gain knowledge about your field of industry

After knowing all these benefits, don’t you want to start networking straight away? If you are all geared up then let’s learn some tips:

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Tips on how to network:

  1. Your first networks are your classmates:

International students often make new friends from their own country as it is easy  to understand each other better during university life, but they don’t understand the fact that being friends with people from different country can help you learn about different culture and also might help refer you to any job or clubs you might be interested in.

  1. Informal Networking:

Networking isn’t always done in a formal event, you can even find your network in a birthday party or any social event. While you go to a party or any event simply try to talk with people. Having a warm smile and talking to other people can be beneficial than just sitting in one corner with some of your friends.

  1. Make a LinkedIn Profile:

When I attended Melbourne International Student Conference 2017 everyone bombarded with a question ‘Do you have a LinkedIn profile?’ and I happily replied yes. Just from one event, I increased my network from 50 to 100. My networks included friends from different universities, industry people and organizer of the events. Often, I get messages from them about events and any knowledge they can share.

  1. Facebook:

LinkedIn is a go-to site for your employees to know more about you but many use Facebook too. So be careful with what you share and post on Facebook.

  1. Smile:

Start a conversation with a smile. Smiling shows confidence and you feel relaxed to start a conversation.

  1. Know Australian Culture:

Having the knowledge about Australian cultures such as knowledge about sports, food, music, dance, and festivals will help you start a conversation with anyone here in Australia. This will help you to continue a conversation if you don’t know what to speak about.

  1. Attend Conference and Workshops:

Attending workshops you are excited about or any events of your study area will help you meet people who have similar interest. They will motivate you, provide knowledge about the job market and might also refer you to a job.

You can find free events, conferences, and workshops on Eventbrite of your choice and start enjoying networking. Don’t stay idle, rather go to workshops, weigh the benefits of going there and expanding your network.

Power of networking is getting stronger every day and as an international student who has left all the connections in the home country, it is important for you to start networking.

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