Stress less about referencing with these tips from the ALC

Are you dreading assessment submissions? Feeling anxious any time you think about Turnitin? You’re not alone! Referencing Related Stress (RRS) is a common condition among university students. It’s piling on unnecessary pressure and we need it to stop.

Lucky for all of us, the Academic Learning Centre (ALC) has the perfect remedy – a concoction of tips to help you cure RRS and stress less about referencing.

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All the study help you need

It’s that time in the term when assessments are piling up and due dates are looming. Study is all about juggling and digging deep but it can get overwhelming if you have trouble with a task and can’t work through it on your own. Don’t stress! We have a range of services and resources for times like this.

Keep reading for our top picks for academic and study help.

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Three reasons why you should think about Graduation now

Conferral date is just around the corner. A lucky bunch of students have finished their last units and are now eagerly awaiting the completion of their studies.

You might be one of this lucky group. Or perhaps you’re just looking ahead with excitement. Either way, it’s never too early to start thinking about Graduation.

Here are three reasons why you should start now and not after Conferral Date…

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Get the most from your Mentor

Student Mentors aim to guide, support and encourage you during your first year at university. If you’re a first year undergraduate or postgraduate student and you haven’t signed up for a Student Mentor yet, visit our How to find a Student Mentor article. Then come back for our tips to getting the most from your mentor.

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Why I complete unit evaluations

Unit evaluations are conducted by the University each term. A simple survey available via Moodle, these evaluations collect feedback that is then used to monitor and improve teaching practices.

Evaluations for Term 2 2018 open on Monday, 10 September and will close midnight Friday, 26 October. To complete the survey, look for the red button in your online Moodle unit.

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Moodle: Become an expert

Moodle is CQUniversity’s online learning environment. If you’re like me and you like to stay on-top of your unit material, you probably use Moodle every day to watch lectures, read announcements from teaching staff and plan for assessments.

While you might access Moodle regularly, you might not know the ins and outs of this great system. The following tips will help you become a Moodle expert…

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Five reasons to stay safe with SafeZone

There are times when an email simply won’t reach you fast enough. To make sure we can contact you as quickly as possible, the University uses the SafeZone app as a communication solution for emergencies, first aid requests and more.

Here’s why you should download the app today…

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International student? Have you had a health check recently?

As an international student, we understand there are many things to consider when studying and living in Australia. These include your personal health and wellbeing. We encourage all our international students to undertake regular health checks.

As you are probably aware, it is a condition of your student visa that you maintain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of your studies. This allows you access to the health service and public hospitals in Australia, which includes cover for:

  • standard consultation fee with a General Practitioner
  • standard costs for a stay in a shared ward of a public hospital
  • emergency ambulance cover; and
  • most prescription drugs.

How to arrange an appointment

To arrange a health check, please call to make an appointment with a local medical centre. Check the yellow pages directory under Doctors, or Medical Practitioners to find a doctor or clinic.

Emergency care

If you ever require emergency medical care, go to the Emergency section at the nearest hospital, which are usually open 24 hours.

A full list of all public and private hospitals in Australia is available at MyHospitals.

If the situation is life threatening, call an ambulance immediately. The emergency number for Ambulance, Police, and Fire services is 000.

Should you ever feel unwell, or require medical attention, please don’t hesitate to seek advice from a qualified health professional during your stay in Australia.

Three reasons why you should apply to be a Student Ambassador

Are you passionate about your student experience? Are you outgoing and enthusiastic? Would you be capable of ‘painting a picture’ and portraying life as a CQUniversity student? If this sounds like you, applications to become a Student Ambassador are open now.

Here are our top three reasons why you should apply…

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