Keep Calm & Enjoy Melbourne!

Keep Calm & Enjoy Melbourne!

I am from Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, also known as one of the hidden gems in Southeast Asia.

About two years ago, I took a leap of faith to move from Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne seeking a new overseas adventure, leaving behind a place of familiarity, influential leadership position, hectic yet comfortable lifestyle, as well as an established community.

It was certainly not an easy decision for me as I have to ‘reset’ everything and start anew. But deep down I knew that it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

This radical decision has marked a new and significant season for me to ‘upgrade’ myself intellectually, academically, professionally and experientially.

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Finding accommodation in Australia

Finding accommodation

Finding a comfortable place to live is an essential part of a successful student life, and contributes to the overall study experience in Australia. Therefore, for you to make the best choice in ensuring that you can focus on your studies, enjoy your student life, and embrace this new and diverse cultural environment, it is vital that you understand all your options and are fully aware of your rights and responsibilities. 

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My Journey with “The Big Idea” 2016

Last July, I embarked on a new journey as a student at CQUniversity. When I first came to the Melbourne campus at the beginning of the new term, I saw a poster of The Big Idea competition on the campus announcement board, “Got the idea to create the next social enterprise?” It caught my attention. It was then that I first learned about The Big Issue and later discovered that it is Australia’s most successful social enterprise that develops solutions to help the homeless, marginalised and disadvantaged, positively changing their lives. Continue reading My Journey with “The Big Idea” 2016

My Experience @ Ashoka U Exchange 2017, Miami!

Hello, I am Shirley – the first graduate of our Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation course and now a Master of Project Management student. I am thankful to be given the recent scholarship to the Ashoka U Exchange 2017 conference in Miami, FL.

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