Eat – Chill – Sweat.

University isn’t only about study, there’s so much more on offer! The Office of Social Innovation and International Student Health Promotion presents Eat – Chill – Sweat, a virtual health and wellbeing program for Term 1.

CQUni invites all students to take advantage of the FREE health and wellbeing program. Now it’s easy to cook well, eat well and breath well, all without leaving your home!

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A day in the life of a Registered Nurse

Marie Le Lagadec completed her Bachelor of Nursing in 2014. Now working as a Registered Nurse, she takes us through her daily activities. Marie says it’s important to go into nursing with your eyes open and a willingness to learn from your colleagues, even if they are much younger than you.

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Teaching teams offer support and flexibility during COVID-19

These are challenging and unusual times. The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and all the disruptions it is causing may have you questioning how you will juggle your studies in Term 1 2020.

Let us assure you that teaching teams are very aware of the uncertainty and difficulties that many of our students are currently facing.

While Census date for Term 1 2020 has not changed, you should know that the case-by-case decisions we make every term about matters like assessment extensions will take into account the wide-reaching effects of COVID-19.

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Our collective heart is innovating in response to COVID-19, let’s make sure it has a long-term impact

A global pandemic brings a sense of uncertainty, and COVID-19 is unprecedented in the chaos it causes. But around the world, the determination of people to respond proactively is palpable. We see it as Italian balconies ring out with singalongs, as new virtual communities come together, as strangers reach out to help those struggling amidst the panic. Humans want to contribute and make the bad into the not-too-bad. So how can we harness this positive energy and in the midst of social upheaval ensure that it shapes a better future, too?

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The Space Between Us

Studying online can be a challenge trust me, I know from experience. In my first year at CQUniversity, I had at least one online course each term. In my second year, my whole degree was online. It can be a tough transition to go from studying on campus (or high school) to strictly online, but I did it and now I find studying and managing my course online is easy. And you have to admit, watching lectures in your pyjamas is a major perk.

If you’re having a difficult time trying to adjust or just want some tips and words of advice keep reading!

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FREE Software & Downloads

I think we can all agree that having access to the right software is essential in successfully completing your study, including preparing assessments and exam preparation.

Did you know CQUni students have free access to a range of software and downloads, keep reading to find out what is on offer and how to download it!

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Moodle for Beginners

Studying online is an exciting opportunity and we want to ensure you are familiar with the systems CQUniversity uses to allow you to study smoothly.

The key online Learning Management System used at CQUniversity is Moodle. Within Moodle, you will be able to find content related to your units such as the unit profile, study guide, assessments, tutorial questions and much more!

Keep reading to view the ins and outs of navigating Moodle.

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Expert advice is just a click away

CQUniversity is one of Australia’s largest online study providers, with 40 years’ experience delivering distance education. COVID-19 may be unprecedented but we’ve been providing online learning and online services for so long that we’re an industry leader.  

As we all adapt and work through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, you should know that we are here to minimise disruption and deliver all of the services you’ve come to expect as a CQUni student. In other words, we’re still here – we’re just talking to you differently!

While you are studying online, you can benefit from expert advice and enhance your student experience thanks to these services…

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A letter to my first-year self

CQUni graduate and current student Kris Homann has a look back on his past as a first-year student to discuss the things he wished he knew before he started his university journey.

Kris completed a Diploma of Work Health and Safety in 2016 as well as a Bachelor of Accident Forensics in 2017. Kris is currently undertaking a Master of Advanced Safety Science Practice at CQUniversity.

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