My internship during COVID-19

Ever since I was introduced to coding back in my high school days, I always had a keen interest in web and mobile programming. Thus, I chose to pursue a degree in the Master of Information Technology majoring in Mobile Application Development.

The course contains a lot of essential units you would need as a future web / mobile app developer. Some of these are Responsive Web Design, Database Design, Information Systems, Project Management, Mobile App Development and many more interesting units.

If web dev or mobile app dev isn’t your forte, you have the choice to specialise in Software Design and Development or Network and Information Security and choose electives from a long list of cool units.

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Build a travel adventure around your backyard


Dr Elena Konovalov is a tourism expert with CQUniversity’s Centre for Regional Tourism and Opportunities. Her research interests include sustainable tourism, community wellbeing, and digital innovation in the sector.

Need a holiday? I know the feeling.

This year was supposed to be my big year of international travel. Before 2020 had even started, I had three exciting overseas trips booked, all my annual leave used, and I was happily researching and planning what to see and do when I got there.

And then, coronavirus. Of course there are many many worse impact of global pandemic, and I’m counting myself lucky in so many ways. But with the first two of my trips (to Japan with my best friend, then Istanbul and Barcelona with my mum) definitely not happening, and the third one (to Hawaii in November) under a big question mark, my calendar and passport suddenly look very empty.

Luckily, travel is my expertise as well as my passion. My research with CQUni focuses on tourism, how and why we do it, and all the ways it impacts our communities. And across Australia, communities that rely on tourism have never needed us more.

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What I find comfort in during the current social distancing

It’s important to look after yourself and make sure to look out for your mates. We asked CQUni graduates how they are finding comfort during this ‘new normal’. CQUni offer a number of support services to assist in study and developing healthy coping strategies during this time.

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My experience staying connected with family and friends

Luke Sondergeld has embraced his role in the health industry since his graduation from the Diploma of Enrolled Nursing in 2017. Luke was a dedicated nursing student at the Rockhampton Campus, as a member of the Student Representative Council and the Student Participation and Retention Committee.

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Take advantage of our online mentoring platform

Did you know CQUni has an online mentoring tool which connects students and alumni (graduates) for one-on-one career conversations?

There are 300 alumni mentors on CQUni Career Connection volunteering their time to mentor students and share career advice.

Because of our global footprint, mentoring sessions are held online – this means you can connect with a mentor no matter your (or their) location.

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Unit evaluations with a difference

The future is you! You’re encouraged to complete the Term 1 Student Unit and Teaching Evaluations (SUTE) – previously known as unit evaluations – to help shape future decisions at CQUniversity.

To complete the survey, look for the red button in your online Moodle unit.

It’s a busy time, but submitting an evaluation is worth it. Here’s why…

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Working from home – advice from an expert

Michelle Monaghan graduated from CQUniversity in 2014 with a Graduate Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety. As a Safety and Training Consultant, Michelle has regularly worked from home for the last 10 years. She gives us her advice to stay motivated and productive while transitioning to working from home.

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New Arrow Energy Go Further Indigenous scholar’s express gratitude for positive impact on their studies.

After being awarded an Arrow Energy Go Further Indigenous Scholarship in Term 1 2020, scholars Sara and Leah share the positive impact their scholarship is having on their education, plans for the future and pass on their thanks and gratitude to their generous scholarship donor, Arrow Energy.

SARA IDE – Bachelor of Business, Online

My name is Sara Ide and I am 24 years old. I am currently studying Bachelor of Business at CQUniversity Australia. I am majoring in Management and minoring in Human Resources. I am a proud Kooma woman, grew up in Brisbane and currently living in Mackay.

The Arrow Energy Go Further Indigenous Scholarship has helped me with being able to purchase things I would not have been able to purchase before because of my financial situation. I am buying a new laptop with a better processor as my computer now is a budget computer and researching is very hard as it freezes a lot. I am also getting a study area set up by buying a desk chair so I can study more comfortably and a printer to print unit outlines and documents needed to highlight information. It also helps me be able to purchase textbooks when needed as that was a big worry every time a textbook is needed to be purchased as I usually just read them online.

 “I am incredibly grateful for this scholarship and I cannot be happier. I have been very unlucky in my financial situation and being unemployed has been hard, so this has helped me out tremendously. Thank you again.”

LEAH MUNNS – Bachelor of Psychological Science, Online

I am grateful for being one of the recipients of the Arrow Energy Go Further Indigenous Tertiary Scholarship for 2020.  It is my intention to use this scholarship to complete the required study on my way to becoming a registered Psychologist.  I hope to be able to use these funds to cover my ongoing study, into a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) and Master of Professional Psychology in the coming two years.

This scholarship has allowed me to purchase essential equipment to enable me to complete my degree in 2020, such as a laptop and accessories, printer and the purchase of textbooks.  The scholarship will also cover any additional out of pocket expenses that were anticipated, such as a residential school in Brisbane.  Unfortunately, due to the current global health crisis this event was transferred to online.

As a mature age student, who hadn’t undertaken any formal study, to better prepare myself and to become familiar with university practices, I undertook the Tertiary Entry Program (TEP).  I completed this program in Term 1, 2016.  I commenced studying part-time in Term 3, 2016, whilst still working full time with Services Australia, formerly Department of Human Services, working towards a Bachelor of Psychological Science degree.  I have been fortunate to be awarded one of two National Indigenous Scholarships through Services Australia, which is allowing me to complete my final year of degree as a full-time student.  I have been employed with Services Australia and its previous configurations for 31 years and during this period, I have witnessed how intergenerational welfare dependency has increased.  I hope to be able to work with families and individuals to address this ongoing issue.

“It is amazing that Arrow Energy wish to invest in the education, employment and future of Indigenous higher education students and again I am grateful to be a recipient of this scholarship.”

The CQUniCares Scholarship program changes lives and CQUni is grateful to partner with organisations like Arrow Energy who share the University’s passion for making a difference in the lives of our students, their families and our communities.

With applications now open for Term 2 scholarships, CQUni students are encouraged to discover the many generous donor, Government and CQUniversity-funded scholarships on offer at