Blackbullion – A FREE solution to managing your finances

Juggling work, life and study is a balancing act. More often than not, I find myself on top in two of these areas, but behind in another.

During the first weeks of the term, I often take on far more shifts at work than I actually need to. I’ll allocate 50-60 hours for work, maybe 10 or so for studying, and then use my spare time to go out with friends. But towards the final few weeks of term, when assessment deadlines are approaching, I often find myself incredibly stressed. Not only stressed about assessments and preparing for exams, but also stressed about managing my finances when study takes a minimum of 40-50 hours per week.

Without managing finances and creating a budget to prepare for this shift, financial stress can throw your work/life/study balance out of whack. Through my own journey, I’ve found that managing my finances is often the key to solving nearly all of my problems. Keep reading for my tips…

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The advice you need to know to research like a pro

Did you know that you can talk to an online CQUniversity Librarian from anywhere, even your couch?

You may already know most of the library’s amazing resources are online, but a library search is not the same as using Google. That’s where our expert team of librarians can help.

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Be the change

From 6 – 8 August 2019, the Social Innovation team ran an amazing event at many CQUni campuses called the Festival of Change. The Festival provided an opportunity to understand current social challenges that we, as students, will face once we kick off our professional careers, and highlighted the actions we could all start performing immediately in order to change the society we live in today.

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UniSport – From the Captain’s Log

UniSport Nationals Division 2 on the Gold Coast, well it’s been and gone for another year. This year CQUniversity fielded its biggest team ever with student athletes coming together from campuses right across the CQU footprint to compete in Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Mixed Netball and Touch Football, Women’s Volleyball and Futsal and Men’s Soccer. 

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Three reasons to study at a CQUni study space

We all know the importance of a quiet, organised place to study.

At CQUni we have a variety of facilities and study spaces (some open 24/7), available to you whether you study online or on-campus. We offer you the flexibility to study where you want, when you want.

We know our students are busy, so we have put all the details about our study spaces in one place. Making finding the right space at your closest CQUni campus easy!

Keep reading for our top benefits to studying at a CQUni study space…

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