Group work pays off for budding PR professionals

As the main assessment piece for one of our last ever university classes, myself and four other students had to implement a real-life public relations campaign for a client of our choice. The only hang-up was that the campaign had to be budget-neutral, and because of a country-wide lockdown caused by the global pandemic, it had to be implemented completely online. Keep reading to find out how we overcame a range of obstacles.

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CQUni Digital Media Staff Find Positives During Pandemic

While our country is slowly reopening, we are all still spending more time at home than we’d probably like, and consequently all have a little extra free time on our hands. If you’re sick of baking sourdough bread or tending to your quarantine garden, why not try your luck at learning some new digital skills?

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Scholarship Myths Debunked

University students tend to shy away from applying for a scholarship merely based on false knowledge. The criteria for applying for a scholarship is completely different to the way Hollywood has portrayed and normalised the process.

After discussing with the CQUni Scholarships team and gaining a lot of information about the scholarships offered, who can apply and the process involved, I have been able to debunk five popular scholarship myths that students believe.

If you want to know the truth behind CQUniversity scholarships, keep reading.

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Online events to enjoy, keep you hyped and inspired during isolation

Being in social isolation can be quite boring, and sometimes, it can even be depressing. However, it is necessary to reduce the negative effects on public health caused by COVID-19. Considering that everyone should be at home, we are currently deprived of our frequent entertainment and hobbies, like practicing sports, going to the gym, enjoying a movie in the cinema, going to concerts, and even the F1 Grand Prix has been cancelled. At home, we are not watching our favourite sports, as soccer, footy and NBA leagues have been suspended, so it can be a boring time.

However, CQUni along with many other organisations are providing online events to keep our mood high, learn new things, maintain our health, and much more.

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COVID-19 Affecting Your Studies? Tips for Getting Back on Track

If you are feeling heightened levels of anxiety at the moment, know you aren’t alone. The COVID-19 pandemic is a traumatic event that we are all experiencing as a collective. It is not business as usual, so please do not beat yourself up if you feel as though you are not performing at your normal level.

As a student, I usually procrastinate a little but eventually get work done when I need to. I’ve been struggling lately with fatigue and a newfound, mysterious inability to be able to put pen to paper at all, my focus completely disappearing. It took me a week or two of this discord before I realised the link to my general mood and the world’s events.

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Midterm Motivation

Now that we have reached the middle of the term, a lot of students find it hard to keep themselves motivated. All of the excitement from the start of term is almost gone, especially if you have found yourself in a unit that you can’t relate to – trust me we have all been there! If you have found that your spark of motivation has faded or you just need some inspiration to keep studying, keep reading.

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The year 2020 has so far presented one of the biggest crisis situations of the modern era with the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. All universities across the globe are moving towards the digital world for their mode of learning delivery and there is an air of apprehension as students become accustomed to studying online. CQUniversity is known as a leading provider of online teaching in Australia, hence, transitioning to this mode of sharing knowledge was not a major challenge.

I am presently in Term 1 of my second year and studying two units, one of which is planning my final year project and the other one is an elective (management unit), Leading Lean Projects, which is already an online unit. My main concern for this term was how to use the college facilities like library or laboratories for my units.

I would like to say that the transition to online has been quite a smooth process but there were few bottlenecks here and there. I would like to share those with you and how I overcame them.


From on-campus classes to online – Learning opportunities

The COVID-19 situation, otherwise known as Coronavirus, has impacted and disrupted how we undertake day-to-day activities. As a society, many of us were not ready to face this kind of issue. Companies were obligated to transition their staff to working remotely, many employees from the hospitality industry and many other industries in Australia have lost their jobs, and International students, like me, are quite confused and perplexed about the issue.

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Group Assignments: Dreaded chore or friendship-forging experience?

Group Assignments? Yuck! Having very little control over what goes in an assessment with your name on it, relying on others caring about their studies as much as you and even maybe having to work with somebody who is lazy or careless can be really stressful, but unfortunately is common when it comes to group assignments. Group assignments have a terrible reputation; the mention of one is often met with a groan and a complaint, and rarely with enthusiasm. However, I’ve come to learn that they actually aren’t always bad. If you approach the situation with an open mind, a group assignment can be transformed from a chore to a fantastic opportunity to make new friends.

Keep reading to find out about my recent experience with a group assignment and my tips for success…

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The Space Between Us

Studying online can be a challenge trust me, I know from experience. In my first year at CQUniversity, I had at least one online course each term. In my second year, my whole degree was online. It can be a tough transition to go from studying on campus (or high school) to strictly online, but I did it and now I find studying and managing my course online is easy. And you have to admit, watching lectures in your pyjamas is a major perk.

If you’re having a difficult time trying to adjust or just want some tips and words of advice keep reading!

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