Group Assignments: Dreaded chore or friendship-forging experience?

Group Assignments? Yuck! Having very little control over what goes in an assessment with your name on it, relying on others caring about their studies as much as you and even maybe having to work with somebody who is lazy or careless can be really stressful, but unfortunately is common when it comes to group assignments. Group assignments have a terrible reputation; the mention of one is often met with a groan and a complaint, and rarely with enthusiasm. However, I’ve come to learn that they actually aren’t always bad. If you approach the situation with an open mind, a group assignment can be transformed from a chore to a fantastic opportunity to make new friends.

Keep reading to find out about my recent experience with a group assignment and my tips for success…

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The Space Between Us

Studying online can be a challenge trust me, I know from experience. In my first year at CQUniversity, I had at least one online course each term. In my second year, my whole degree was online. It can be a tough transition to go from studying on campus (or high school) to strictly online, but I did it and now I find studying and managing my course online is easy. And you have to admit, watching lectures in your pyjamas is a major perk.

If you’re having a difficult time trying to adjust or just want some tips and words of advice keep reading!

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Capricornia College – The place I call ‘Home’

Coming to a new country to pursue my Master of Engineering was a challenging and emotional decision. I had to leave my parents and near-and-dear ones and come to a completely new place, but when I landed on 28th February 2019 at the Rockhampton airport, the love and care I received was so comforting. It still brings a happy tear to my eye.

Capricornia College (the CQUniversity Rockhampton student residence) welcomed me upon arrival. I immediately became a member of the ‘family’ and Cap College quickly became my home.

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Studying in Australia – Summer Holidays

After a long term of academic readings, essays and exams, for many of us the time to relax and chill is here. Summer holidays in Australia come with heaps of opportunities to enjoy time with our mates, discover new places and embark on new adventures.

I’m studying in Melbourne, so here are my tips for making the most of summer holidays in this beautiful region…

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The best decision of my uni life: Signing up to play sport

I remember the first time I ever set foot onto a CQUniversity campus. It was O’Week 2017, and I was arriving at the Mackay City campus with a hundred or so fresh-faced school leavers and a handful of mature students for the very first time, and I was as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. I didn’t know anyone, and I was scared out of my wits, but I was determined that just because it was hard and it really pushed me out of my comfort zone, there was no reason not to give myself this opportunity.

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Studying in Australia – Achieving career aspirations

As international students deciding to come to Australia, our decision to study here is often made based on the pursuit of our career aspirations. When we arrive, we need to develop our language skills, and understand the environment and cultural trends to get a job and gather enough financial resources to afford our daily and study-related expenses. How can we achieve our career aspirations while we are doing all this? By identifying our personal strengths and weaknesses, defining our life goals and career purpose, targeting the roles we want to perform, identifying the skills we need to develop, volunteering and leadership involvement. These are all great strategies to help us work towards our desired careers.

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Enhance your employability and skills at the 2019 Student Leadership Conference

Do you ever wonder how on earth you’re supposed to find employment in your future field when the job market is insanely competitive? I often stress endlessly over all of the qualities and skills I am yet to develop. Is my resume good enough? Do I have enough experience? Will I embarrass myself in the interview? These questions can set you up to fail before you’re even qualified enough to apply for the job!

In an effort to ease these daunting thoughts, I’m always on the hunt for opportunities that can put me one step ahead of the rest. Conferences, forums, leadership positions and programs, the list goes on and on. The upcoming 3-day Student Leadership Conference at Rockhampton North campus is another incredible opportunity to develop employability and skills.

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2019 International Student Leaders Forum

As a Study Sunshine Coast Student Ambassador and a CQUniversity Student Representative Council Member, I was invited to attend the 2019 International Student Leaders Forum and 2019 International Student Leaders Meet Parliament Event in August. 

During these events, I had the incredible opportunity to meet a variety of like-minded students, develop networks with parliamentary members, and gain extensive knowledge on global talent, global skills, and global workforce.

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Studying in Australia – Personal management skills for success

Studying in Australia comes with amazing opportunities and experiences, but I’ve found that international students like myself often have to deal with a number of factors that could overwhelm us. Controlling our expenses like renting, groceries shopping, mobile plan, public transport and of course leisure activities, managing our agenda, keeping a high academic performance and trying to not let stress block the road to our dreams.

Facing all of these challenges can be difficult but it is also a fantastic opportunity to develop our own personal management skills. Studying in Australia, which presents a huge multicultural group of students, has allowed me to learn some strategies from different friends, teachers and support staff. Here is what I’ve learned so far…

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Chancellor’s Cup Day Three

The third and final day of competition at the 2019 Chancellor’s Cup really shook up the leader board as teams who had previously not been able to score a win in Touch Football or Basketball came into their own on the Soccer pitch. Other teams who had been quite dominant struggled a little more with this leg of the race.

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