Afternoon Tea in Australia

Image of Helena having afternoon tea

In western countries, afternoon tea is really popular and the tradition is quite different from that in my home country of China. In China, people prefer doing business and chatting through meal. However, here in Australia most of people here go to a cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee or a dessert. I really enjoy this kind of lifestyle and have gradually become used to drinking coffee to refresh myself at the start of the day.

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Double Seventh Festival

In western countries, there is Valentine’s Day. In China, we have the Double Seventh Festival. This festival falls on the seventh day of the seventh Lunar month. It signifies a beautiful Chinese folk legend – it is the day that Niulang (a poor but hard working cowherd) and Zhinu (the seventh daughter of the Lord of Heaven) first met, and just like Valentine’s Day, it is endowed with romantic atmosphere. This day is also important for girls, so we also call it ” Young Girls’ Festival”. Continue reading Double Seventh Festival

5 Tips for Better Presentations

Woman in suit presenting data graph

As we’re a few weeks into the term now, many new students will need to do presentations as part of their assignments. Having good presentation skills is vital as it plays an important part in your study and work life. Continue reading 5 Tips for Better Presentations

My top three personal tips for new students

Time has passed so quickly and now I’ve been in Australia for one year.

Like many international students, I left my parents and chose to further my study in another country. Now that I’m starting my final term, I can look back and share my tips for new international students. Continue reading My top three personal tips for new students

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