CQUNI SPOTLIGHT – Featuring Dr Farzaneh Tahmoorian

Having recently come on board as a new Engineering Lecturer, Dr Farzaneh Tahmoorian has already made CQUniversity’s Mackay Ooralea campus her home. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere has made her settling in much easier and she is looking forward to a successful career in teaching and research at CQUni.

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Lack of sleep and alcohol – recipe for Melbourne Cup disaster

By Gambling Researcher Hannah Thorne

Thinking of betting on the Melbourne Cup? If you sleep too little, or drink a bit too much – maybe you should think again.

Australians are prolific punters, spending more money gambling per person than any other nation. However, Australian gamblers also experience a high amount of harm from gambling. Harm from gambling comes in many forms. It could be arguments with your partner about gambling and feelings of guilt, all the way up to not being able to pay bills, depression, anxiety and even suicide.

These gambling-related harms can stem from making bad gambling decisions, such as spending more time or money gambling than originally planned or gambling more to try and win back the money you lost.

We all know that drinking alcohol can cause us to make poor decisions and this is not good when you are gambling. A lesser known fact is that being sleepy can cause similar decision-making deficits as being a little drunk, making this also not great for your gambling.

Our CQUniversity gambling research unit did a study that looked at a group of people who gambled regularly and tracked their behaviours, including drinking and sleeping habits, over the course of a week. We found that there was a group of people in our sample that were different from the rest. These people were likely to gamble more than other people, drink more than other people, and get less sleep than other people.

These people that drink and gamble more, while also sleeping less, may have a common personality trait that causes them to do this. Whatever personality traits may be leading this group of people to drink more and sleep less, it is likely that these people are at a heightened risk of experiencing harm from gambling, since gambling whilst tired and intoxicated may lead to them making poor gambling decisions.

So, if you know that you are someone that may drink more and sleep less than the average person, have a think about your gambling and whether you are setting yourself up to fail. Perhaps betting on the Melbourne Cup is stacking the odds against you when trying to make healthy decisions about your gambling?

CQUNI SPOTLIGHT – Featuring Ellie Kilpatrick

CQUniversity Townsville Bachelor of Laws student Ellie Kilpatrick is a single mum who has turned her life around for the better. As a recipient of a CQUniCares Appeal Scholarship this year, Ellie has been able to focus on completing her studies without having to worry about finding the money to pay for textbooks. *Photo supplied by subject

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CQUNI SPOTLIGHT – Featuring Morgan Lewis

CQUni Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Diploma of Professional Practice (Co-op Engineering) student Morgan Lewis is looking to elevate perceptions of engineering and her recent success as a recipient of a Downer Scholarship will go a long way to helping her achieve that goal. Downer came on board this week as the 2018 CQUniCares Appeal Lead Donor with a $100 000 donation.

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CQUNI SPOTLIGHT – Featuring Joel Godfrey

On Monday, we officially launched the 2018 CQUniCares Annual Appeal, aiming to raise support for 50 students in 25 days, and changing the lives of 100s.Today we spotlight Joel Godfrey, one of the many students who benefited from the funds raised during last year’s appeal. Joel has jumped head-first into a new life, swapping his day-job as an Electrician to budding Musician. As a single dad, he finds study and parenting a challenge, but thanks to his scholarship – he has a reason to sing.

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CQUNI SPOTLIGHT – Featuring Professor Fiona Coulson

“Go bold or go home” is the motto CQUniversity’s Professor Fiona Coulson lives by under her new role of Deputy Vice-Chancellor Strategic Development and Growth (or, DVC for ‘Dare to be Different’ in plain speak). Fiona’s transition from academic, to Dean of the largest School in the University, to the DVC charged with building the cultural infrastructure around our unique philosophy of ‘Dare to be Different’ is firmly grounded by her upbringing in outback Queensland, her family, and in her own words, her renowned clumsy, nerdish tendencies.

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CQUNI SPOTLIGHT – Featuring Minka Ellliott

CQUni Academic Pathways Coordinator Minka Elliott (pictured with her family Dylan, Pippa and Madeleine) takes pride in her role supporting students to achieve their goals – a skill she’s no doubt acquired on the sporting field. When she’s not hard at work, Minka is working hard as a valued member of the Australian Country Hockey Team – which will compete in New Zealand next year.

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CQUNI SPOTLIGHT- Featuring Andrea McSherry

CQUni Committee Officer Andrea McSherry is on the run for a good cause. She and her husband will be running their first ever half marathon at the Yeppoon Running Festival. Running has always been a big passion in Andrea’s family with her Dad, Peter Quirk, running the Westfield Ultramarathon from Sydney to Melbourne in 1990 when she was a baby. Peter ran to raise awareness for Rett Syndrome, a rare neurological disorder which Andrea’s eldest sister Danielle was diagnosed with at a very young age.

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