Get ready for uni with our 7 tips

You might be waiting to receive an offer for your dream university degree or perhaps you’ve already enrolled in the next term but what do you do while you wait to get started?

We all know it can be overwhelming starting university, it’s a big change in our lives – how do you even prepare? Well, we’ve put together a quick 7 tip guide on things to do before you start so you are feeling confident and ready on day one but most importantly excited.

Check out our list below and make time to chat to our student recruitment team at one of our online chat sessions with any questions you have.

Find cheaper textbooks

Textbooks are one of the costs associated with studying at university but there are ways to save if you’re savvy. There are plenty of different places to find your textbooks including the CQUni Bookshop and dedicated Facebook groups selling second-hand textbooks. Save yourself a penny or two by shopping around first. There’s even a scholarship you can apply for to cover the cost of your textbooks.

Plan your transport

If you’re planning to study at a particular campus, you will likely be spending a fair bit of time there. Take some time to research how long it takes to get to university using various modes of transport and be sure to check out the timetables too. The last thing you want is to have a long study session and accidentally miss the last bus!

Select your campus location and then look under the ‘local links’ tab for all the information specific to your campus, so you’re prepared for day one.

Take your study global

What’s better than gaining a university qualification? Gaining a university qualification while immersing yourself in a different culture, lifestyle and environment. CQUGlobal Outbound offers programs from 2 weeks to a whole academic year for students to study around the world in over 30 countries. The best part is that you can apply for OS-HELP for your travels so you won’t have to worry about upfront payments.

Do your research early, find out what’s involved and make your university experience even more memorable by taking it abroad. Don’t just take our word for it – hear from Samantha who studied media in India with CQUGlobal.

Explore our scholarship opportunities

Scholarships aren’t just about financial assistance, but look great on a resume and can even open the door to industry contacts and employment opportunities during and after your study.

Applications aren’t as hard as you might expect either! If you apply for one scholarship, you can use the information from your online form to apply for multiple scholarships.

CQUniversity offers a wide range of scholarships throughout the year, so explore the full range on offer and check out our tips on how to submit a stellar scholarship application.

Join a club or society

Study at university isn’t all work and no play. Clubs, groups and societies (CGS) are available for students who have a passion, hobby or interest and want to share it with other students. Whether it’s cricket, yoga, photography or board games, there’s a wide variety of options to choose from.

If there’s no CGS for your interest, you can start one of your own! Get in touch with the Student Representative Council at CQUniversity and get involved while you study!

Find support before you start

University study isn’t easy, so when things get tough it’s important to have support available. At CQUniversity, we have a wide variety of services and resources available to students, including:

Even if you don’t need it straight away, get to know the support available to you.

Get involved on social media

Whether you want to share your experience, ask a question or engage with your peers, CQUniversity is active on:

There are also groups run for students studying in each location that you can join for information that directly affects you. Not an on-campus student? Not a problem! CQUni Student News on Facebook shares news, opportunities and information for all students.

Make sure you use #CQUni whenever you are posting on-campus or about your CQUni experience and visit our website for more information about social media at CQUniversity.


No matter what you are studying or where you are based, we will be with you all the way through your university degree. Remember you can call us on 13 27 86, submit an enquiry online or register for one of our online chats on Facebook.

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