Ask a Librarian – Super Session

Do you want to save time and find the best sources of information for your assignments?

Join our online librarians in Weeks 5 & 6 for Ask A Librarian ‘Super Sessions’. Why a Super Session? A Super Session is an opportunity for students to learn how to successfully find quality sources of information in our online library. You can also find out all the information about how to access all the library resources and services. We are here to help you with your studies!

Best of all, these sessions are held online, so you can access them from wherever you are!

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New and Improved CQUni Mobile App!

At CQUniversity, we’re dedicated to improving the student experience, and that extends to all our services, systems and applications – including our CQUni mobile app!

We asked our most important voice – YOU – for your opinion on the CQUni mobile app and how we could tailor it to fit your unique student needs.

After an extensive student consultation process this year, we are excited to bring you our newly improved CQUni mobile application! We’ve made improvements to the app based on your direct feedback to ensure everything you need to to be a successful CQUni student is just one touch away.

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Our top tips for a stellar scholarship application

By now, we bet we’ve already convinced you of the various, far-reaching impacts a scholarship can have on your student journey. So, it’s now time to buckle down and get applying!

Keep reading as we share our best tips for submitting a top scholarship application….

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Study in the Snow

Want to escape the Australian summer heat and study overseas where it’s cool – icy cool?!

Look no further than our CQUGlobal Outbound overseas study winter programs in Japan or New York!

Experience the snow life in one of these incredible locations, while immersing yourself in local culture, gaining global understanding and in some cases, even earning credit towards your degree. Don’t forget, overseas study programs will really diversify your resume and help you to stand out in a pool of applicants.

If you’re leaning towards a winter program in Japan, you can undertake a winter program at Toyo University, Tokyo between 18 – 30 January 2019.  Your Japanese adventure will be filled with field trips (to the snow of course) and cultural classes, workshops and activities. To read more about the program, download the Winter Program Brochure.

Toyo will individually tailor programs to meet your requirements. If you have any questions and/or requests, please contact Toyo University at

The application deadline for this winter program is Monday, 15 October 2018 so be sure to apply today

Or, perhaps the magic of winter in New York is more your style. In the New York Winter Program with Buffalo State University from 1 – 22 January 2019, students will study the history and culture of the Buffalo- Niagara Region through participation in a two-week course at SUNY Buffalo State.

The course includes classroom lessons as well as exciting off-campus educational, social, and cultural excursions. After completing the two-week course, students will be accompanied by staff from SUNY Buffalo State for a three-night ski trip to Holiday Valley followed by three nights of exploring New York City’s most iconic sites.

Bachelor of Arts students may be eligible to receive elective credit.

For more information, visit the Buffalo State website. 

To apply for the New York winter study program, contact for a CQU Application form. Applications close Wednesday, 17 October so be sure to apply today!

Japanese Opportunities (with scholarships!)

Japanese culture is fascinating, vibrant and multifaceted and if you’ve ever wanted to immerse yourself in it, we’re proud to bring you not one, not two… but THREE opportunities to undertake incredible Japanese cultural programs!

Whether you’re up for a 3-week intensive visit to Japan, or you’re an inner poet wanting to trial your skills in a completely different cultural format and showcase them on the world stage, these Japanese study opportunities will be life-changing and there’s even scholarships available to help you get there!

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Study successfully with the #CQUniBucketList

Let’s not forget why we’re all here… we signed up to dedicate a big part of our lives to study for the next few years and while that may be a daunting thought, there are ways we can make the study journey easier and more successful using the #CQUniBucketList.

The study aspects of the #CQUniBucketList will help you set study goals, giving you long-term vision and short-term motivation – and that’s exactly what you need as a uni student powering through that mountain load of assessments.

Here’s your #CQUniBucketList study goals…

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Want to study overseas?

Do you want to study overseas for a year, term or even just a short while at one of our Partner Universities, or any university in the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) network?

The CQUGlobal Outbound Exchange Program allows you to study for a term or academic year at one of our partner institutions while remaining enrolled at CQUniversity. In most cases you will be able to combine study and travel without extending the total duration of your study! The CQUGlobal team also connects you with special overseas programs – like cultural tours!

Sometimes, you can even gain credit for the courses you study and transfer these credits back to your CQUniversity program. Your chosen courses will need to be approved by CQUniversity before you go.

Why should you study overseas?

An exchange or cultural tour can be a life-changing experience and will not only help you develop your intercultural intelligence and communication skills, but also give you a competitive edge in the global job market when you graduate.

It will give you the opportunity to;

  • Undertake studies in unique and exciting courses not offered at CQUniversity.
  • Forge international links and develop a global network of contacts for your professional future as you make life-long friends with people from other parts of the world.
  • Learn more about yourself and your capabilities while you gain self-confidence.
  • Immerse yourself in a new culture
  • Improve your foreign language skills or learn a new language.


Current Short-term opportunities on offer

Check out some of our short-term overseas programs currently on offer to you as a CQUni student.

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So. Many. Opportunities.

You asked for campus life and extracurricular activities to complement your hard work while you power through your studies, and we’ve most certainly delivered! There’s so much going on right now, it is a little hard to keep up – thus, why we present to you this hugely useful compilation of opportunities on offer to you right now.

Save your applause, you can thank us later.

You can apply for one, or you can apply for all! These opportunities won’t just be fun, they’ll be life-enriching (yep, I’m talking a big game here) and not to mention they’ll look superb on your resume!

I’ve done the hard work for you, now you’ve got no excuses not to apply for these incredible opportunities…

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Are you a rising star in Research?

The Rising Star Program encourages undergraduate students who have demonstrated a strong commitment to their studies to learn about research by being mentored by a senior researcher from their school.

Participation in the program represents a fantastic opportunity to be introduced to invaluable research skills and activities, while building mentoring relationships with a Senior Academic in your school and fellow students.

Rising Star Undergraduate Research Fellows meet with their Mentors on a regular basis over the course of 6 – 12 weeks and assist and contribute to research activities that their mentors supervise. Previous participants have talked about the benefits they gained from their involvement in the program including…

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