Studying in the Pacific – a new adventure at every turn

The Pacific is an incredibly diverse place. New Caledonia, situated within Melanesia, comprises of appropriately a 40% indigenous Kanak community, 29% European, around 9% from Wallis and Futuna, with the remaining from Tahiti, Indonesia, Vietnam, Vanuatu and various other Asian and Pacific island nations.

Earlier this month, I experienced my first cyclone whilst living abroad. It was an interesting experience receiving all the emergency alerts in French. You quickly learn how important it is to have a grasp on the French language to get around! Fortunately, cyclone Uesi passed over Nouméa with very minimal damage and just some much-needed rain.

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Arriving in New Caledonia

I touched down in Nouméa, New Caledonia, late on the evening of January 5, 2020, for an adventure of a lifetime. I was excited to be moving overseas, although somewhat scared, especially at the age of 18. However, I knew this exchange would be an amazing opportunity to grow and develop, as well as improve my French!

I am here to study, intern and undertake language training for 19 months, thanks to the New Colombo Plan Scholarship.

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Get ready for uni with our 7 tips

You might be waiting to receive an offer for your dream university degree or perhaps you’ve already enrolled in the next term but what do you do while you wait to get started?

We all know it can be overwhelming starting university, it’s a big change in our lives – how do you even prepare? Well, we’ve put together a quick 7 tip guide on things to do before you start so you are feeling confident and ready on day one but most importantly excited.

Check out our list below and make time to chat to our student recruitment team at one of our online chat sessions with any questions you have.

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How CQUniversity’s global mobility program, CQUGlobal, can change your life

Had I known that studying abroad was possible when I was at university I would have jumped at the chance to do part of my course overseas.

Growing up my father was in the British army and we moved home and country every 2 years until I was 13. Immersing myself in another culture was a central part of my life during this time, and from aged 9 I would fly home solo to whichever European country we lived in during the school holidays. At University, I didn’t know that Exchange was an option so when I graduated and I realised I wasn’t ready to start my career like most of my friends, I decided to go to Paris to learn French instead. Continue reading How CQUniversity’s global mobility program, CQUGlobal, can change your life

My Global Voice Experience

Part 1- Pre-Departure Briefing  

Hi, I’m Claire-Marie, Bachelor of Agribusiness and Food Security student at CQUni Townsville. So Tuesday 7th November I am flying out of Australia to Bonn, Germany to attend the UNFCCC Climate Talks Conference or COP23 for short. I am super keen and excited but nervous as expected. This fantastic opportunity is thanks to the sponsorship of CQUniversity through Global Voices. Global Voices is to me, a prestigious scholarship that connects young Australians to the world.

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Mixing with the STARS!

Tom Cruise Mummy Sydney

One of the perks of being an international student is you get to meet different people. Sydney is considered as one of the most diversified cities in the world, where you have the opportunity to meet people from all different countries.

What if the people you meet are from HOLLYWOOD…A renowned celebrity and a movie star??!! What if it is TOM CRUISE? Yes, I mean the actor from Top Gun, Mission Impossible, Few Good Men and the latest reboot of Mummy.

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India: A ‘Beautiful Chaos’

Amanda - IndoGenius

Each place you visit in India is often quite unlike the next; there are beaches, deserts, jungles, cities, slums, mansions, farms, suburbs, every pairing or contradiction you could think of. In some areas, cows brush up against you as they wander the streets. In others, monkeys keep a watchful eye for shiny things to steal as you pass by. Street vendors watch you curiously as you dodge potholes and street dogs in the local roads. Then you turn a corner, and it’s your turn to gaze in awe at the incredibly intricate ancient artwork on a gold-plated temple. The sounds of Hindi and a dozen other Indian languages mingled with horn honking and Bollywood tunes are the constant backing track to your adventure. Because India is an incredible adventure. Continue reading India: A ‘Beautiful Chaos’

My Experience @ Ashoka U Exchange 2017, Miami!

Hello, I am Shirley – the first graduate of our Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation course and now a Master of Project Management student. I am thankful to be given the recent scholarship to the Ashoka U Exchange 2017 conference in Miami, FL.

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Engineers Without Borders – Nepal Design Summit 2017

Namaste. Greetings from Nepal.

My name is Andrew Jehne and I am an engineering student studying part time by distance education. I have been fortunate to granted a scholarship under the New Colombo Plan to attend the 2017 Engineers Without Borders Nepal Design Summit. Continue reading Engineers Without Borders – Nepal Design Summit 2017

‘Your life is your message’ – Reflecting on India.

Hi, My name is Bec Ward and I am one of the Professional Communication/Digital Media students that was recently in India for a Sustainability Exchange Program with the Centre for Environmental Education (CEE).

As we sit aboard our Emirates flight bound for Australia, the plane starting to taxi down the runway, I begin writing this post.  I look around at the now familiar faces around me, some sleepy and tucked in, others excited and chatty at the thought of steak and chips in 33 hours time. However, our journey is far from over. Now is the time to reflect, digest and utilise the perspectives of what we experienced. Continue reading ‘Your life is your message’ – Reflecting on India.