Who to ask for help when feeling stressed?

The end of the term can inevitably cause stress for many students. Although preparing for exams and assignments is extremely important, it is also important to take a step back and know who you can turn to when feeling overwhelmed.

We asked our 30 Minutes a Month alumni participants to share the go-to people they used to reach out to when feeling stressed about their studies. More than anyone, they know how important it is to surround yourself with the right people and ask for help if you need it.

Jessica Small (Bachelor of Business, 2021) used to turn to anyone who would listen:

“I turned to many people for help when I was stressed about an upcoming assessment. I turned to my lecturers for guidance if I did not understand the assessment or had questions. I turned to my university friends to see how they were coping with the assessment and if they had any tips they could pass on. I turned to my boss to ask for time off or a study day in the lead up to an assessment. I also turned to my partner to ask him to take on some of the extra responsibilities around the house if I had a time-consuming assessment due soon. Basically, I relied on many people in the University and outside of the University to assist me with managing my time, which helped me with managing my stress levels.“

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Karen Howard (Bachelor of Accounting, 2021) was never afraid to ask questions from her lecturers:

“I would always ask my lecturers if I had any questions, felt like I didn’t understand something or was getting lost in an assignment. Studiosity was also a great help as I had no idea about referencing and assignment layout when I started my studies. Never shy away from asking questions; if you don’t want to do it in front of the class, send your lecturer an email, explain your issues and ask your questions. I found that most are happy to complete a Zoom call or stay after class for a short time to help you. They want you to do well and succeed as well!”

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Michael Lane (Graduate Diploma of Management, 2015) would turn to friends to had been in his shoes before:  

“I turned to my friends who were or had been in similar situations. They can always shed light or point you in the right direction. The hardest step is always the first; after that, it’s just a matter of taking comfort from your previous achievements and keeping it going.”

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Sharon Dekkers (Doctor of Philosophy, 2001) relied on herself to deal with stressful situations:

“If stressed about an upcoming assessment, I would first turn to myself and plant my ideas in my subconscious. After a good night’s sleep, many of the perceived stresses are rationalised, and then I am able to prioritise and deal with the issues in a more logical and manageable way. Stress can be a positive invigorating force or one which can debilitate you. You need to use stress to motivate you and push you forward. Once it no longer does this, it is time to reassess your goals, values and work life.”

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Theresa Grinstead (Graduate Certificate in Maintenance Management, 2007) approached her partner or other students for support:

“Get online; there is an endless supply of information, techniques, and other stuff to help out with stress. But if all else fails, just talk to someone. My partner was my rock at all stages of my study, but I also had contact with other students studying the same course. These are valuable contacts to make and really do help.”

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Best of luck to all students with upcoming exams and assignments! A well-deserved break is on the horizon; you just have to push through the last couple of weeks! Remember to look after yourself and ask for support if you need it. Whether approaching a lecturer, University support staff, other students, your friends, partner or parents – they all want you to succeed.

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