Coding a line to Information Technology through Robotics

Hi, my name is Thomas Orr and I’m studying a Bachelor of Information Technology, majoring in Application Development. What sparked my interest in IT and App Creation was actually the robotics competitions that CQUniversity holds annually.

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Study blues? There’s a #CQUniStudyHack for that!

Struggling with post holiday blues?

To help you find your motivation, and get back on track after the festive season, we’ve rounded up the best study hacks from Ucroo, our digital campus. Ucroo is a place to share your wins, your tips and your feelings about study, especially at this time of the term! Continue reading Study blues? There’s a #CQUniStudyHack for that!

The Dos and Don’ts of Mid-term break: Focus, speaking up and binge-watching

Maintaining your focus – it can be tough when you have new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy calling your name or ‘urgent’ text messages on your phone. I have it on good authority that the deafening silence of a quiet household once the kids have gone back to school is also a high-quality distraction.

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Homesickness! A note from an international student…

Home is where the heart is

I’m finally free!

I’ve met hundreds of super exciting people, announced our friendships as “official” via Facebook, sat through some eye-opening/closing lectures in my first few days of university.  Life couldn’t get any better!

Well, it could, I think to myself, if my best friends from home were here too. I wonder what they’re up to right now. My eyes suddenly feel prickly… vision is blurring… is that, a tear? What’s happening!? Is it…homesickness? Continue reading Homesickness! A note from an international student…

The perfect storm: how to nail your exams

We are nearing the end of term – and I’m sorry if saying that out loud makes it real!

When I was a student, I avoided exams so fiercely that I put off my first-year accounting subject until my final year (choosing a communication degree helped). Certain units are more fortunate than others when it comes to exams – but if your first exams are looming, we have a few tips on how to survive and come out the other side with a smile.

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Marking sheets, questions and coping: What to do when the hard work is done

Every time I submit an assignment, I get the same feeling. The submission can be hours early, days even, and I’ll still wrestle with last-minute nerves. There’s a flurry of panic as I think about the effort, the painstaking detail, not to mention the mental and emotional energy that’s been invested into this single piece of work. Did I do it all justice? Did I miss anything? Talk about stressful.

After going through all this, it’s easy to want to move on to your next assessment and never look back. But you’re not finished, not really. We all understand the importance of feedback but we don’t always take the time to use this feedback effectively. Keep reading for my tips on what to do when the hard work is done.

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Assessment writing and little victories

This week I’m going to talk to you about an ongoing challenge that all students face. It’s a challenge that I personally find both frustrating and fulfilling. There’s something very satisfying about submitting a piece of work that you’re proud of. That pride often stems from simply making it across the finish line. Always celebrate the little victories.

Assessments are why we’re really here. Many will argue we’re here to learn, that goes without saying, but more than that we’re here at university to demonstrate learning. Believe me, you will need to demonstrate a lot of it before you finish your degree. So why not turn this challenge into an opportunity?

Read on for my #How2Uni tips to tackling assessment writing.

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Roadblocks and dinosaurs

Starting university is a really eye-opening experience, especially when you plan to study online. If you’re anything like me, you will discover many new things about yourself during those first few weeks, things like you’re terribly unorganised, or you’re prone to the occasional existential crisis.

I’m Mae. I’ve recently graduated from CQUniversity and during my first year I discovered both of these things about myself. I also found that I can be super skilled at making things harder than they need to be. To help you avoid making the same mistakes, I’m going to share my #How2Uni tips for overcoming roadblocks in the lead up to your first term.

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Welcome to #How2Uni

How2Uni banner

Welcome to the CQUniLife blog #How2Uni series!

If you’re reading this, it’s quite likely you’re new to university and wondering how this all works.

We know from experience that nervously navigating the maze of systems, requirements and ‘must-do’ tasks that come with your first steps into a course or program can be overwhelming.

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