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      1. Hello, my name is Abrar Ahmad Shah and I want to read in CQ University. How can I apply

  1. Hello my name is bandana sapkota and i am a overseas nurse currently staying in australia and i got a referral letter from APHRA,and i applied for EPIQ course. i have submitted the aplication but no response is being given can you please check in this thing please.

  2. Hi I did a Masters in CQU and want to do a PHD so could you please help me onboard also could you please grant me access to my one drive and adobe

  3. Hello Team,

    I have submitted my financial documents around 10days ago still I didn’t get any update from your team. I also emailed your team but no response. Moreover, do University demand to pay Living expense??

    1. Hi Kashish,

      To follow up the status of your financial documents, please call 13 27 86 and a member of our Student Advice Team will be able to assist you further.

      Regards, CQUni (Emily)

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