Help Fund the Firies 2020

All CQUniversity campuses across Australia have developed their own unique fundraising activities on the 29 January to support those affected by the bushfire crisis. All funds raised will be donated equally to the Red Cross, Salvation Army and RSPCA.

Keep reading to find out what is happening at a campus near you on Wednesday 29 January.

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Why you should join PASS!

Develop smarter study skills, gain a deeper understanding of your unit and create connections with other students by joining Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS).

PASS are FREE online structured group study sessions aimed at first-year core units which have been identified as historically challenging for students. Sessions are informal, out of class and run weekly for PASS supported units. 

PASS aims to help students master unit content while integrating discipline-specific learning skills. Sessions integrate ‘what to learn’ with ‘how to learn’.  

We asked PASS participants to share their experiences. Keep reading to find out why YOU should join PASS! 

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Creating the perfect study space

Are you struggling to study? Too many distractions or just haven’t got the right flow? Revamp your study space!  I studied laying on my bed with my laptop on my knees, phone in my hand and surrounded by snacks. Although I claimed this worked and I was ‘getting things done,’ my ineffective space allowed me to get easily distracted and produce lower quality work.

Your study space is critical to your ability to study effectively. This doesn’t necessarily imply that you have to find a place that’s completely silent and set it up as your study area, but it does mean you should find a place to study that fits your specific personality and learning style.

Keep reading to see my tips to create the perfect study space…

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Study Break – My favourite things to do in Rockhampton

Taking a study break over the summer holidays? Why not experience Rockhampton’s unique and rich opportunities? The beef capital of Australia, known for its classic architecture and natural environment, Rockhampton offers something for everyone.

Whether you’re a shop-a-holic, nature enthusiast or history buff, Rockhampton has something to entertain you during the school break. Here are my favourite things to do…

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CQUniversity Bucket List: 60 Things Every Student MUST Do

The activities you get involved in at university have a huge impact on your life. With so many opportunities available, we asked our student experts (CQUni graduates and staff) to share the CQUni activities that help you make the most of your time at uni and have the biggest impact on your life.

The result is a 60 item bucket list, filled with activities that can set you up for success in your studies and after graduation. There are many benefits to completing these activities; making new friends, learning new things, enjoying university life and knowing you made the most of your study experience are just a few.

We challenge you to complete as many as you can throughout your studies and share your adventures using #CQUniBucketList.

Some of the activities you can complete include:

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Work and study in 2020

International students working rights

Are you looking for casual work in 2020? The CQUniversity Inclusion & Accessibility Service is in the process of updating its register of Participation Assistants.

If you are a motivated person with sound academic achievement and willing to dedicate 1 – 3 hours per week, when required, to assist a fellow student, please apply.

Keep reading to find out how to apply.

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Our Memories From 2019

December, the month of reflection and fun. So many amazing things happened throughout 2019 and this is our chance to reminisce about some of those memories. From academic success to sporting victories, and social innovation triumphs, CQUni has accomplished many outstanding things in 2019.

As we comb through all the success, awards, achievements and events from 2019, we have narrowed it down to 18 highlights. Join us in celebrating a month of memories from the year that was 2019, before you look ahead to the one that soon will be…

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Join a Coffee Catchup with a Student Mentor

Do you want to share your experiences as a current first year student, ask questions and meet new friends? Join a coffee catchup session with an experienced student mentor! 

Coffee Catchups are a new student mentor initiative beginning in Term 3 2019. It is a recurring weekly event that provides students with the opportunity to meet new people and connect with a student mentor. These are casual sessions to help new students feel more connected and supported.

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Watch the Inclusion and Accessibility Webinar Series

Inclusion and Accessibility are hosting an upcoming webinar series as part of a project to support students with additional needs. The series is open to all students.

The Inclusion and Accessibility service aims to minimise barriers and encourage participation in education and training by all students. Reasonable adjustments can be implemented to assist students who have registered with the Inclusion and Accessibility service.

The series includes two zoom sessions that will cover topics including time management, and disclosure. Keep reading to find out more and how to access these sessions.

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Caffeine, Snacks and a Few Secrets

University is like a head spin you get when you stand up too quickly. You have no clue what just happened and the experience is a bit of a blur. However, unlike a head spin, university is a wonderful, challenging and worthwhile experience where you get the chance to learn, make new friends, and receive outstanding opportunities.

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