#MeettheLibrary Episode 3

Assessments due? Our CQUni librarians can help you get started! Our Ask a Librarian service can help you wherever you are! Two of our librarians share their wisdom on how they can help you survive and thrive at assessment time.

Kathryn Ritchie – Librarian

Kathryn Ritchie

Stuck at home in bed, got an assignment due and not feeling your best? But know you have to get on with it? Looking after the kids in the park at assessment crunch time?

Kathryn has talked to students in many situations like these, including whispered conversations while babies are sleeping.

We know everyone gets busy and that adds to rising stress levels at crucial times in term. And when time is not on your side, using the Library more effectively can make a big difference. Peer-reviewed articles, date ranges and online and available now? There is a lot of information out there; great search skills can keep you on track and save time!

Kathryn loves working alongside students just like you, helping cut through the confusion and reducing stress. She understands the balancing act of studying and working, and the uncertainty that all students can feel.

Lock in an appointment with a librarian like Kathryn and learn skills for your assessment, and your future educational journey.

John Atkinson – Librarian

john chair1 (2)

Studying by online education can be an isolating experience. It is hard to know how to get started, where to turn for help or even what the question is! As a distance student himself, John understands that you really need encouragement and support – a little virtual cheer squad at your side!

Maybe you feel like your question is silly or you should know the answer.  Maybe even getting started seems impossible. Or are you further down the track in your assessment, but looking for that awesome reference to impress your lecturer and smash those great marks? Librarians are there for you – to help you understand your assessment question, evaluate sources and refine your search.

Accessing assistance from John and our team of online librarians is as easy as picking up your phone or logging in to your computer! And with the option of our Ask a Librarian video sessions, it can be a great personal, online face-to-face experience.

So, how do you get started?

Choose a time on our Ask a Librarian calendar! 

Want to know more about the library and IT at CQUni? Check out our quick guide.


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