Three reasons to study at a CQUni study space

We all know the importance of a quiet, organised place to study.

At CQUni we have a variety of facilities and study spaces (some open 24/7), available to you whether you study online or on-campus. We offer you the flexibility to study where you want, when you want.

We know our students are busy, so we have put all the details about our study spaces in one place. Making finding the right space at your closest CQUni campus easy!

Keep reading for our top benefits to studying at a CQUni study space…

1. No distractions

Dogs barking, kids crying, constant visits to the fridge (just because) or the luring force of a bed just calling you for a nap – let’s face it, our home environments are often littered with distractions, making it difficult to focus on your study.

Luckily, CQUni offers a variety of study spaces which are quiet and relatively distraction-free from the everyday interruptions which might tempt you away from your all-important study.

Whether you choose an open space like a large computer lab or a private study room – you’re sure to have a clean, organised space to focus and smash out those assessments!

Keeping your learning and living areas separate can also allow you to relax and be present when you’re at home, and reserve your energy for your dedicated study sessions.

2. Access to free Wi-Fi (and other fantastic computer facilities)

Everybody loves free (and fast) Wi-Fi! In our study spaces, you’ll have access to our wireless network (eduroam) allowing you to connect to a secure and reliable online platform to access all your CQUni student systems, and help you to find the information you need faster!

For all the details on accessing the wireless network, click here.

3. They’re easy to book online!

We’ve made it super simple to lock in a study session (and stick to it). The availability of many of our study spaces can be checked quickly and easily online. Simply check if it’s available, click book and voila!

What are you waiting for? Find a study space today!

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