Study successfully with the #CQUniBucketList

Let’s not forget why we’re all here… we signed up to dedicate a big part of our lives to study for the next few years and while that may be a daunting thought, there are ways we can make the study journey easier and more successful using the #CQUniBucketList.

The study aspects of the #CQUniBucketList will help you set study goals, giving you long-term vision and short-term motivation – and that’s exactly what you need as a uni student powering through that mountain load of assessments.

Here’s your #CQUniBucketList study goals…

#8 Get a High Distinction on an exam or assignment

You might be a student who fiercely strives for a HD on every assessment piece, or you may be easy breezy with a ‘P’s get degrees’ mentality. Whatever type of student you are, strive to achieve a HD on at least one exam or assignment throughout your degree.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it will be easy but it will be so worth it when you log into Moodle and find those big bold letters on your assessment!

Now, to get a HD you’ll need your marks to be in the range of 84.50% or above. And how do we get to that golden HD status you ask?

Read and re-read your assessment outline – make sure you understand completely what the assessment is asking you to do; make every single mark count – from editing your assignment to completing your referencing – take the time to make it as perfect as you possibly can AND don’t skimp on the small stuff; use the learning outcomes and assessment criteria to structure your work, and review feedback from your previous assignments.

Check out the Great Guide to University Study for some more great tips on how to make your way to HD-status!

#16 Access the online Careers Toolkit to set yourself up for career success

Access our online Careers Toolkit which provides detailed information and support resources to help manage your career success.

From preparing you for placement, CV and cover letter builders, interview simulators, an elevator pitch builder and resources to help develop your business and leadership skills – the Careers Toolkit is so comprehensive, you’ll have that dream job in no time!

#40 – Use the library (and librarians)!

Let’s face it, you’ll never have access to this many free books again! The Library (on-campus or online) is the place to access not only books, but online research skills and resource guides and an extensive collection of online journal articles and eBooks.

Furthermore, why not ask a librarian for help with your assignments? Yes, you heard me right – our smart and resourceful (not to mention super-helpful) librarians can help you get started on that assignment you’ve been avoiding and help you locate information and dissect your research with ease.

And if that wasn’t enough, the Library (TASAC) team are also our tech experts who can help you with those pesky tech problems.

Explore the Library today.

43 – Complete an assignment one week before it’s due

I did this probably once in my four years at Uni, and wow was it a great feeling – I really don’t know why I didn’t do it more often. To be honest, it felt like I could conquer the world… and if I had the Bucket List back then – you bet I would have been boasting loud and proud about this one!

But how do you possibly achieve this almighty and preposterously organised task? Manage your time and tasks effectively of course. You’ll need to make a plan (and stick to it!), get organised by setting out your priorities on a daily basis, identify your time wasters (and be rid of them!), learn to say no, just start (duh), try not to procrastinate, and consistently remind yourself of your goal.

Read our Managing Time and Tasks guide for more detail, and then get started on that assignment ASAP so you can proudly brag about your impeccable organisation skills for having your assignment completed one week before it’s due date!

Seriously, from my experience this task is one that’s pretty unheard of, so be the first of your classmates to achieve it!

Download the CQUni Bucket List and start checking off these goals today to become the most studious (and impressive) CQUni student! If you achieve these, we and your fellow students will be REALLY impressed so boast about it all day long by tagging #CQUniBucketList.



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