Our top tips for a stellar scholarship application

By now, we bet we’ve already convinced you of the various, far-reaching impacts a scholarship can have on your student journey. So, it’s now time to buckle down and get applying!

Keep reading as we share our best tips for submitting a top scholarship application….

Determine if the scholarship is the right fit for you

Browse our scholarships webpage carefully to determine which scholarships you are eligible for. Each scholarship comes with specific eligibility criteria which you must meet in order to be considered. Some of our scholarships are specifically for CQUni students, while other opportunities are offered by external organisations and are open to students from any university so make sure you take the time to read and understand each scholarship as each is different.

Pro Tip: Use the category drop down menus to further define your search according to your study level, area, desired scholarship category and citizenship.


Focus on your written submission

Our biggest tip for students wanting to apply for scholarships is to focus on writing a quality written submission. Selection for scholarships is largely based on this submission, so take the time to perfect your pitch – tell us your unique story, share your aspirations and highlight your involvement in the community.

Dare to be different – showcase what makes you unique and sets you apart from fellow applicants. If you are having trouble selling yourself, ask a parent, teacher or friend how they’d describe you and your potential. Let your application say something about who you are, and what you want to be!

Written submissions will often require you to address your career goals and exemplify how the scholarship will assist you in achieving your educational objectives. You might be required to highlight your best examples of your involvement in the community, touch on personal life experiences, and show how you’ve demonstrated leadership or how you represent certain values.

Make sure you directly address each selection criteria. It’s a good idea to start with this – write a sentence or two for each criteria, highlighting your best examples and ambitions, then come back through and perfect your prose and insert your creative flair.

Be sure to compile your written submission in a template which looks neat and professional, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Consider something a bit unusual like using photos, powerpoint slides or a storyboard. Incorporate some personality for a standout application!

Pro Tip #1: Keep to the word count (no more than 500 words) – it would be a shame to waste a quality submission by not sticking to this simple rule. Bonus: it makes for great practice as you’ll need to stick to word counts in your assignments throughout your degree.

Pro Tip #2: Don’t be tempted to recycle your previous written submission (especially if you were unsuccessful the first time). Take the opportunity to share recent experiences to give yourself the best chance.

Pro Tip #3: Give yourself enough time before the application deadline to have someone proof read your entire submission – correct grammar and spelling can make the world of difference!

Do your research

Each scholarship is unique, and so is the application process. It’s important that you can demonstrate your understanding of the scholarship you’re applying for. For example, if a particular organisation is funding the scholarship, take the time to research their core values and develop key points for how you align with these, and how they align with your ambitions.

Much like applying for a job, if you can demonstrate a thorough understanding (and showcase the initiative it takes to do this), the better you can relate to the organisation and the more likely you are to be a match for that scholarship!

As an added bonus, we’ve simplified our online application process to make it easier for you to apply for multiple opportunities. You’ll only need to submit one single application, and then we will identify which scholarships are suited to you. However, keep in mind there are scholarships like non-CQUni specific scholarships which may have alternative application processes and require you to submit separate applications, so make sure you read each scholarship and its requirements carefully.

Apply early

Scholarships have ranging closure dates throughout the year, so it’s a good idea to mark these dates in your calendar for the scholarships you’re interested in. Apply for scholarships as early as you can – the more time you give yourself to plan, write and submit your application, the more chances you’ll have at developing a quality submission.

Once you’ve submitted your application, keep an eye on your student email (even if it’s not during term time as any requests for further information will be sent to this email and you often need to respond to this by a certain timeframe.

The closure dates of scholarships are non-negotiable, so don’t let a due date get in the way of achieving your dreams and making your study journey easier.

Be organised

Many of our scholarship applications require additional documentation – like your academic records, current resume, evidence of achievements or community involvement and evidence of financial need such as Centrelink income statements, payslips and bank statements.

Don’t underestimate the amount of time it can take to gather these supporting documents (and definitely don’t leave this to the last minute!) – particularly if you have to wait on other people or organisations to provide them to you. Request these early and ensure they are neatly filed alongside your application.

Remember to have a long hard think about all your community and volunteer experience which could add to your application – think sporting groups, religious organisations, community services, school or university student leadership programs or workplace programs and initiatives. If you don’t have any certificates of evidences for these, perhaps someone in your community or organisation could write a letter of support for you to attach to your scholarship application!

Pro Tip: Check and double-check to make sure you have attached all documents requested to your application form. Don’t risk being ruled out early in the selection process if you’ve forgotten something as simple as attaching evidence of community or volunteering involvement.

And finally, never give up! If you’re not successful in your first attempt, simply take this as an opportunity to learn, grow and improve – tailor your pitch accordingly, keep an eye out for all future scholarship opportunities, and apply again when the time is right! While you’re at it, explore what volunteer or extra-curricular opportunities are out there which could enhance your application even further!

So, now that you’re equipped with the top tips for submitting a quality scholarship application, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out, apply today!

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