From Europe to Melbourne — Making Dreams Come True

Sara Manka, CQUniversity Melbourne

Hello, my name is Sara Manka. I grew up in a small family with lots of laughs and love in a small village in Albania. My mum always motivated me to study abroad and experience life in another country, and I always dreamed of living in a big and busy city.

I was about to finish my high school studies when one of my relatives offered to help me come and study in Australia. I always dreamed of becoming an accountant because I really enjoyed maths and I was interested in economics.

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How is life in Kathmandu versus in Melbourne?

Time flies! It’s been almost 8 months that I flew from Kathmandu my hometown to a beautiful paradise called Melbourne. So far life has been like a roller coaster with many bumps and highs. However, I am loving Melbourne although the life in Kathmandu and Melbourne is quite different.

In this blog, I will be sharing about the how my life was in Kathmandu and how my life is now in Melbourne.

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Life Down Under

About 18 months ago I decided to start a new life in Melbourne, Australia. I decided that I needed to study further in order to reach my full potential and land that dream job. My parents were supportive of my decision, and my friends were absolutely thrilled; most of my friends are scattered all over the world – “You’ll love it, living on your own!” they said, however, I wasn’t fully convinced.

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Life in Australia…so far

One and half years ago, I decided to resign from my stable job in China and study a master in Australia. It took a lot of courage to make this decision because I had a senior position in world top 15 company and after working for so many years, it wasn’t going to be easy to study again especially in a foreign country. As my parents and friends didn’t understand my decision and support me at that time. However, after studying and living in Melbourne for a year now, I know I’ve made the right decision and have fallen in love with this charming city.

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Melbourne or Sydney? The Differences and the Perks.

I have had the pleasure of studying in both Melbourne and Sydney, one of the perks of studying at CQUni. I lived in Sydney first and moved to Melbourne last March. After I moved here, lots of people asked me what are the differences between Sydney and Melbourne. So as an international student, coming from China, here are my comparisons.

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Exploring Melbourne’s Laneways

Hanging around Melbourne central business district (CBD) is one of my favourite things to do as I’m always discovering beautiful and amazing places. Recently, a group of us from CQUniversity Melbourne went on a guided city tour with our friendly host Ricardo. I must admit at first I wasn’t that excited as I thought I knew the city well but to my surprise it was really interesting seeing the city through other people’s eyes. Continue reading Exploring Melbourne’s Laneways