Elizabet’s life on stage and making dreams a reality

Hello, my name is Elizabet and I am studying in Mackay. I was born in Hungary, Central Europe and have lived there my whole life. Hungary is small and not a really rich country, but I am proud of my Hungarian heritage.

I was living in a beautiful middle-sized city with gorgeous buildings and bubbly city life. It was just like those cosy little European cities that you can see in the movies. All my family lived in the same town and we had a great connection.

My schooling and education have always been centered around English language and the arts. I have studied lots of subjects in English and also tried out several artistic and creative activities – from all the existing dance genres through to visual arts and drama. I loved all of it. The world of arts was my little hideaway from the world.

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Annie’s 4 tips on how to succeed with studies

Hello, my name is Annie and I recently graduated from the Master of Professional Accounting at CQUni’s Melbourne campus.

9am to 7pm, or if I’m lucky I can leave at 6pm. That’s how my life used to be working as a Finance Manager in my home country of the Philippines for almost 5 years.

It was stressful but I loved every bit of it because it was very rewarding and I was able to train staff who were just starting with their careers.

My days were packed with meetings, reports, deadlines, process improvements and a few human resource and admin related tasks. I believe that was the peak of my career as a certified accountant.

I loved the drive, adrenaline, unending learning and teaching all at the same time and I especially loved that I got to work with people I liked and have become friends with over the years.

But then life happened and there are choices in life that are just too difficult to make and moving to Melbourne was one of them.

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Eager to learn – my unforgettable experience

CQUniversity Shane D'Silva

Hello, my name is Shane D’Silva and I am in my final term of the Master of Information Technology at CQUniversity Melbourne campus.

The past two years has truly been a fast-paced, mind-blowing experience. By blood, I hail from India. However, I have lived in Kuwait for almost 18 years.

I spent two years in Dubai as well as another couple of years in Qatar. I am truly grateful for my father who continues to work so hard to have provided our family with the opportunity to experience life in those countries.

When I was younger, I had always wanted to study abroad in America, Canada, UK or Australia. However, I was presented an opportunity to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering at one of India’s most prestigious private university, Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

I completed my studies and then set my sights on being able to start my life abroad. I went through days after days, agents after agents conducting tedious research into universities all over the world to pursue my master’s degree.

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My internship during COVID-19

Hello, my name is Orville D’Silva, but most people call me Shane. Ever since I was introduced to coding back in my high school days, I always had a keen interest in web and mobile programming. Thus, I chose to pursue a degree in the Master of Information Technology majoring in Mobile Application Development.

The course contains a lot of essential units you would need as a future web / mobile app developer. Some of these are Responsive Web Design, Database Design, Information Systems, Project Management, Mobile App Development and many more interesting units.

If web dev or mobile app dev isn’t your forte, you have the choice to specialise in Software Design and Development or Network and Information Security and choose electives from a long list of cool units.

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CQUEnglish rises to the challenge of online learning and teaching

Online delivery isn’t the norm for English language teaching with onshore CQUEnglish language students usually studying 20 hours per week in a face-to-face environment. However, CQUEnglish has risen to the challenge of transitioning courses online after 3 weeks of intensive preparation.

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The importance of being connected

CQUniversity Australia Melbourne

“Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.” Philip Stanhope

I am a very passionate person who lives by this quote and believes in leading by example. As a member of my generation, it is my responsibility to become active in changing the world for the better. As an international student, I continue to abide by this philosophy and strive to be involved in my community both locally and globally.

Hello, my name is Chiamaka Ibeme and I am studying the Master of Information Technology at CQUniversity Melbourne campus, with the ambition to become a software architect. I am also a Change Champion where I promote and contribute to social innovation, which I am very passionate about.

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Your working rights as an international student in Australia

If you are an international student living in Australia, you either have a job (or several jobs) or know other foreign students who work. Very often, international students take on casual or part-time jobs in order to cover the high living expenses and to gain industrial experience. But first, it is to your advantage to ask this question:

“Are you familiar with you obligations and minimum rights while working in Australia?”

Here are a few things you ought to be aware of if you decide to work as an international student:

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Every day is a lesson — discovering myself and capabilities

Hello, my name is Aesha and I come from India. My study journey started from getting a visa grant to landing in the liveliest city in the world: Melbourne.

Being an international student in Australia has been — and will continue to be — a lifelong learning experience. It has not only brought opportunities for me to extend beyond my horizons and enhance my qualification but I have also made some good friends.

MCG football game

Every moment I am here is a lesson in itself because it has made me stronger, confident about my instincts, beliefs and self-esteem level.

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Capricornia College – The place I call ‘Home’

Coming to a new country to pursue my Master of Engineering was a challenging and emotional decision. I had to leave my parents and near-and-dear ones and come to a completely new place, but when I landed on 28th February 2019 at the Rockhampton airport, the love and care I received was so comforting. It still brings a happy tear to my eye.

Capricornia College (the CQUniversity Rockhampton student residence) welcomed me upon arrival. I immediately became a member of the ‘family’ and Cap College quickly became my home.

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Studying in Australia – Summer Holidays

After a long term of academic readings, essays and exams, for many of us the time to relax and chill is here. Summer holidays in Australia come with heaps of opportunities to enjoy time with our mates, discover new places and embark on new adventures.

I’m studying in Melbourne, so here are my tips for making the most of summer holidays in this beautiful region…

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