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About 18 months ago I decided to start a new life in Melbourne, Australia. I decided that I needed to study further in order to reach my full potential and land that dream job. My parents were supportive of my decision, and my friends were absolutely thrilled; most of my friends are scattered all over the world – “You’ll love it, living on your own!” they said, however, I wasn’t fully convinced.

I did not really have any relatives in Melbourne, or in Australia for that matter, and the first major problem I faced was getting to know the city. I think I managed to get lost in the city twice within my first week here. Yes, I know, how do you get lost in a city smart phones and google maps? In my defence, I didn’t have a phone with me back then.

The best thing about Melbourne are the people living here, this place is so multicultural and so diverse – and the fact that as a student you get to meet other students from all over the world and befriend them and make lifelong bonds with some. I have made friends from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Romania, Iran, Colombia and many more. We all hang out on weekends – over lunch or dinner, share our experiences and celebrate our different religious and cultural events. Life in Melbourne would not be the same without these lovely people around me.

I am currently at the backend of my studies, almost done with a Master of Business Administration. I have also been a part of staff at the university, firstly as a Social Ambassador – where I organised and managed most of the events on campus. This opportunity has really helped build my morale and self confidence. I would like to reiterate that apart from my commitments to studying, the university has helped build my character, it has provided me with a platform to showcase my abilities, it has challenged me on every step but has also provided me with all the resources to tackle the obstacles.

I love it here in Melbourne, and if given the opportunity I would love to stay here for a prolonged period. The work-life balance, the sporting events such as the cricket world cup last year, the sudden plans with  friends over the weekend, I love it all! I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I would love to stay here and figure it out.

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Optimistic Bangladeshi, studying and living in Melbourne. Loves meeting new people over a cup of latte and sandwiches! Not your average sports guy: enjoys every form of outdoor sports and an ardent Liverpool FC fan.

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  1. Baddish …. Good job mama and appreciate your article . Keep your goal upright , you will reach your destination… Never forget to be grateful towards your creator ….

    All the best ……

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