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There are many reasons why Perth is a popular destination choice. There’s the mild weather, pristine coastline (19 white-sand beaches!), award-winning food and wineries, culture and arts, outback adventures, free CBD WiFi and hop-on-hop-off buses that take you around the main city sites… but one of the greatest perks about Perth is that it shares the same time zone with 60% of the world’s population!

The city of Perth is a quick flight to most Asian cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Delhi, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, making it just that little bit easier to keep in touch with friends and family.

And — with the new announcement to provide Perth with a regional city status there are even more perks to study in this beautiful city, including automatic eligibility to our International Student Scholarship — Regional.

Study Perth Welcome Desk
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Did you know:

Perth is Australia’s fourth largest city capital and was voted the world’s #2 friendliest city in 2017 and recently placed in National Geographic’s Best Trips 2019. Perth is located within the state of Western Australia — the largest in Australia.

Perth is situated between the Swan River (culturally important to the local Aboriginal people) and the southwest coast.

There are two main airports: Perth Airport is the main hub for flights (approx. 10 million passengers travel through here each year!), whereas Jandakot Airport is for general aviation and charter flights.

Perth Airport has been rated as Australia’s best airport by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (April, 2018), offering a safe environment that provides quality information and support services.

There is a StudyPerth Airport Welcome Desk that is run by international students who already know their way around the city. The students will offer a meet & greet service where you’ll receive a welcome pack and practical support. There are also free walking tours run by volunteers, which is a great way to get to know a new city!

The city centre has a great (and efficient) public transport system, and to access public transport you will need a SmartRider card. Perth also has some of the most affordable housing of all Australian cities.

Transit Systems
Transit Systems

Perth has ten large hospitals — the Royal Perth Hospital, located in the city centre, is the largest. The sun is strong across the summer months from December through to March, so it’s always a good idea to regularly apply sunscreen and keep hydrated. There are water stations located across the city, so you can fill up your water bottles for free.

Perth is the most multicultural state in Australia with more than 200 different nationalities who speak over 170 languages and practice over 100 religions. There are many places of worship and a wide range of venues cater to specific religious and dietary requirements. You’ll always feel welcome and respected.

You’ll enjoy a rich, year-round culture and arts community with something always going on! There’s the Perth International Arts Festival, held every February and March, which welcomes national and international artists to perform across the region; as well as the popular cultural Perth Festival, which takes place between February and April.

CQUniversity Perth

Perth is famous for being the most isolated city in the world, completely surrounded by nature — the Indian Ocean on one side and the Australian outback on the other. Despite this, Perth is regarded as the “Education City” of Australia, where students who study in this city are receiving some of the best education that Australia can offer and where bright futures begin.

CQUniversity — Perth Campus

At CQUniversity, we offer our international students a range of undergraduate, post-graduate and research degrees at our Perth campus including:

Find our full list of courses taught in Perth here.

Our Perth Campus is located within the heart of the city at 10 William Street.

The campus is a short 10-minute walk from the city’s main train station, which also provides links to the rest of the city.
Internships and Placements

CQUniversity offers many opportunities for you to gain practical experience and build connections with prospective employees through work placements, volunteering and unique 10-week internships in a selected number of business and engineering courses.

These unique internships are embedded in your course at no extra cost, are found for you by CQUniversity, and do not extend the duration of your course.

Our courses that have internships available in Perth include:

Bachelor of Business (Specialisation)

Master of Project Management

Master of Engineering

Flexible commencement dates

We offer three terms per year, so you can start your courses at the beginning of the year, mid-year or towards the end of the year.

Term 3 is not compulsory – it is another study option to provide you with the opportunity to start your study at a time more convenient to you, or to fast-track your study and get into the workforce sooner.


Since Perth has been classified as a regional city, any international student who wishes to study at our campus is automatically eligible for the International Student Scholarship — Regional, which is available to support international students with a 20% reduction in tuition fees provided all terms are met in all study areas at an undergraduate and postgraduate level of study.

We believe that this aspect of financial support is a key feature in the University’s holistic provision of services to international students, and build on our strength as Australia’s most accessible and inclusive university.

CQUniversity Perth Students

Specialist Support

We have also put in place a network of experienced staff and support services that are available for use at any time from wherever you might be studying. Some of these support services include:

  • electronic library
  • study material provided in hard copy or online
  • access to recorded lectures online and lecturers who guide and support you
  • study groups and online discussion forums

Check out this video from Destination Perth on the many destinations that are only a stone throw away!

Want more things to do in Perth? Experienceperth.com is a great site where you’ll find experiences and sights to visit including:

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