What’s new on Ucroo?

You’ve spoken, and we’ve listened. In 2018, Ucroo is back with a list of new features and improvements we know you’re going to love. The team have been working hard behind the scenes to bring our students a social network that is engaging, reliable, and addresses some common pain points.

We’ll be launching on our new platform on Monday, 19 February, and (technical jargon aside) here’s what you can expect.

Account provisioning

If you’ve been studying with us for a few years, you might have had to create your own account – not any more. Students newly admitted in 2018 will automatically have accounts created. This means you will be able to login using your CQUni student login details – or click straight through to Ucroo from the Student Portal.

User profiles and labels

UcrooThe new version of Ucroo offers a more personalised user experience. From your profile page, you can update your interests and skills with ‘labels’. This information is then used to offer suggestions for groups, events, posts and connections. To see your suggestions, just click on the new ‘Discover tab’. The Discover tab also makes recommendations for you based on your campus location, course, and faculty, which are all imported during the account provisioning stage.

Labels can also be added to your posts, connecting you to more of the content you care about.







What’s happening with the app?

If you haven’t already downloaded the Ucroo app, or maybe have an old version, you can go to the app store on your smart device and search for ‘Ucroo CQUniversity’.

Post likes

Did Ucroo ever leave you wondering ‘who liked my post?’


Now when people like your post, you will see a list of the students and staff who are interacting with you. You might even like to add them as a connection.

Group creation

Joining a club or group is a great way to connect with other students and make the most out of your time at university. Ucroo allows you to join and create groups including study groups, and groups based on your interests and hobbies.

Student Services

Student services that are active on Ucroo can now customise their pages to include labels, consultation times, and a map of their location. We think you’ll like the new look, and will find it easy to engage with our student services. There’s so much great content on our network including career opportunities, academic workshops, and new student support.


From Term 1 2018, you will automatically be added into the subject (unit) groups on Ucroo for the units you are enrolled in. This means you won’t have to add your subjects manually.


The Marketplace feature isn’t going anywhere. Marketplace is a great location for buying and selling second-hand textbooks. If you’re a new student, we suggest checking out the Marketplace to see what’s available.

We’re excited to announce the new Ucroo site will be launching on Monday, 19 February – just in time for Orientation and the start of term.


To make this happen, there will be some associated downtime to our site overnight on Saturday, 17 February. A message will appear on the site if you try to access it during this time. This is the initial introduction of the new Ucroo, with more updates on the way. We hope you enjoy these new features as much as we do!

Ashleigh Truscott (https://cqunilife.com)

I am a CQUni alumnus, who graduated back in 2010. Straight after graduating, I took a job in media, and later returned to CQUni working full-time as Student Communications Assistant. I remember all too well the panic fuelled ‘all-nighters’, getting lost on campus, confusion over systems, and the general feeling of being unsure. I'm excited to share my experiences and provide some insights into university life.

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  1. hi Ashleigh,
    any news on how the launch is going?
    I’ve tried to have a look but it appears to be still in-progress.

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