Your ultimate CQUniversity bucket list

The activities you get involved in at university have a huge impact on your life.

With so many opportunities available, we asked our student experts (CQUni graduates and staff) to share the CQUni activities that help you make the most of your time at uni, and have the biggest impact on your life.

The result is a 60 item bucket list, filled with activities that can set you up for success in your studies and after graduation.

There are many benefits to completing these activities; making new friends, learning new things, enjoying university life and knowing you made the most of your study experience are just a few.

We challenge you to complete as many as you can throughout your studies and share your adventures using #CQUniBucketList. Some of the activities you can complete include:

9. Join the Student Mentor Program
15. Take a photo with friends at the main CQUni sign on your campus. Share it via #CQUniBucketList
27. Go to every single class in a week
29. Expand your horizons – get to know students from at least two other countries
41. Write a post for CQUniLife. It can be short, and you can be proud you’re blog-famous.
46. Win an academic prize in your discipline
50. Study overseas (for a week, a term or year)
58. Take a photo of yourself on your first and last day at Uni, in exactly the same spot
60. Make someone’s day – leave a nice note in a library book for a future student to find

Download the full bucket list now to start ticking off your student success.

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