Why you should study in Perth, Australia

CQUniversity Perth

There are many reasons why Perth is a popular destination choice. There’s the mild weather, pristine coastline (19 white-sand beaches!), award-winning food and wineries, culture and arts, outback adventures, free CBD WiFi and hop-on-hop-off buses that take you around the main city sites… but one of the greatest perks about Perth is that it shares the same time zone with 60% of the world’s population!

The city of Perth is a quick flight to most Asian cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Delhi, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, making it just that little bit easier to keep in touch with friends and family.

And — with the new announcement to provide Perth with a regional city status there are even more perks to study in this beautiful city, including automatic eligibility to our International Student Scholarship — Regional.

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