Study Abroad London – My First Week

What a flight it was, from 35 degree temperatures, bright sunshine and warmth to arrive in London to two degree temperatures, cold crisp air and cloudy skies. But what London lacks in temperature it makes for up in size and beauty. The perfect place to begin my new study abroad adventure at London Southbank University! I will be completing subjects in politics, policy writing, environmental sustainability and an internship all of which contribute to my degree in Public Health.

The appeal of a student exchange in London was fairly simple – the opportunity to study in one of the most amazing cities in the world. The sheer size of London makes it feel like a small country, so much to see including cosy little fruit shops and delis tucked around every corner.

fruit shop

On top of the city appeal, the university itself offers a great range of subjects to study including, the hook for me, which was an internship. It presents an incredible learning experience within a foreign council to see the differences between the UK and Australia. Until then, time will be spent enjoying the amazing architecture that this historic city has to offer, including the shard which is just up the road from where I live, a 95 storey glass skyscraper which looks absolutely incredible.


Last Tuesday, I had an internship interview with a London Council which I am grateful for. Speaking with the company that organised it, I am the first student to ever request a Public Health position in the Council so I am hoping to make them proud. If the interview is anything to go by I think I will have an amazing time and experience with what seems like a wonderful group of dedicated health professionals. I love health and I want to do what ever possible to make the world a brighter and healthier place whilst I am on it.

To a great first week in London, with 15 more to follow!

Jason (

I am a 28yr old Public health student from Brisbane studying in London for 6 months. Hope to enjoy all that London and Europe has to offer during my stay! Food, football and friends!

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