Challenging self key to Games success

Whether you’re an athlete or employee, CQUni alumnus Helen Moore (BBus 1995) believes the key to Games success is challenging yourself – something that’s returned rewards for Helen throughout her career.

CQUniversity alumnus Helen MooreThere have been years of preparation for GC2018 – which is dubbed to be Australia’s largest sporting event this decade.

It was early 2012 when Helen joined the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation (GOLDOC) as the General Manager Finance Business Services.

With previous experience in tourism, infrastructure and government agencies, Helen says she got to the Games by being prepared to challenge herself.

“Each career choice has been about making the best decision at the time – seizing opportunities, and extending myself to take on something different or bigger or outside my comfort zone.”

“None of my CV said ‘major events’ to me – but I was head‑hunted for GOLDOC soon after it was formed, and I couldn’t say no!”

Helen was the first executive after the CEO to come on board – the organisation has since grown to a workforce of nearly 1600 staff.

Helen’s determination and willingness to challenge herself has been evident from the beginning of her career.

As a high school student, she aspired to be a doctor – but after her first student job, which involved cleaning out rat cages in a lab, Helen decided a medical career wasn’t for her.

Roles in hospitality and tourism followed, before Helen began working in management – it was then she realised the impact a professional qualification could have on her career.

Helen enrolled in a Bachelor of Business at CQUni as a mature‑age student and mum to two young kids.

In her third year, she started part-time work at the Rockhampton Port Authority, which led to jobs in infrastructure, tourism, government agencies, and her current role with the Commonwealth Games – and who knows what in the future.

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