Sporting success for our Universals at Uni Games

51 students represented CQUniversity at the Australian University Games on the Gold Coast from September 27 to October 2. Co-Captained by one of Australia’s leading discus throwers, Taryn Gollshewsky, and men’s touch player Jackson Hughes, the CQUni Universals team represented in Athletics, Rugby Sevens, Men’s Touch, Mixed Touch and (with a strong international student contingent) the T20 Cricket.

Brent Mitchell

Sport: Rugby Sevens
Studying: Bachelor of Secondary Education
Campus: Brisbane

Not only did we form mateship within the team, we also made great bonds with other competitors.

Being an optimistic student the idea competing within an event with such a high-caliber reputation was invigorating. Understanding it was the first time CQUniversity had participated with a decade also raised anticipation. I competed not only as a player within our rugby seven’s team but took on the responsibility of being coach. Despite having limited preparation due to our team coming from a variety of locations and a mixed level of talent and or experience it was incredible. Not only did we form mateship within the team, we also made great bonds with other competitors embracing the true event spirit.

My most memorable moment would have to be playing against one of the high performance teams and we came with the best post-try celebration of the tournament incorporating some cricket. Playing in the Uni Games has inspired myself and some of the players and already we are planning future goals. Right now we are undergoing negotiations with the university to launch a rugby 7’s program for 2016. Having a rugby 7’s program would allow us to do the following; flourish at next year’s Uni games, compete in other tournaments in Queensland and build a university atmosphere amongst students. Personally I am already counting down the days to meet back up with my team and play because it is better than lego.

Steven Tripney

Sport: Triple Jump
Studying: Bachelor of Exercise Sports and Science
Campus: Sydney

Winning gold made me feel as though I was making a valued contribution to CQUni.

I have to say from the outset I always felt 100% supported by CQUniversity. Jana Paris, the University Team Manager was fantastic in providing me with all relevant information and always kept an open line of communication for any enquiries I had. Upon arrival Jana made sure that I had appropriate uniform and even went above and beyond to get a polo shirt for my wife. This was a big deal for me since having my wife and son with me was a non-negotiable and I wanted them to feel as much a part of the experience as I did.

On competition day I felt as though I was competing at an Athletics Australia run event. Volunteers were well prepared and ran the event well. Winning gold made me feel as though I was making a valued contribution to CQUni which was good to do as they had gone to great lengths to help me prepare. The competition was a good opportunity to begin the summer season early and practice competing against other national level athletes. There was a healthy mix of those competing for individual performance and also those competing to gain points for the overall points tally for their university.

To sum everything up my 5 days and 4 nights at University games was a family friendly, well organised, tremendously enjoyable, fully supported and competitive week. It made me feel proud to wear the colours and be a part of CQUni. My wife’s family are already expecting us in Perth next year and of course… I need to defend my title ha ha!

Taryn Gollshewsky

Sport: Discus
Studying: Bachelor Exercise and Sport Sciences
Campus: Bundaberg

It was wonderful to experience the team environment with everyone being so supportive.

21842808169_63f36384dc_zIt was fantastic to have fellow students representing CQUni alongside me at the AUG’s. It was wonderful to experience the team environment with everyone being so supportive. I especially enjoyed sharing my success with my roommates Jack Frawley and Amy Rattray who came to watch my competition. It was certainly a more eventful and fun-filled Australian University Game’s this year in comparison to last year. Congrats to all involved!

Jackson Hughes

Sport: Men’s Touch
Studying: Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science
Campus: Rockhampton

Securing a team silver medal was a tremendous achievement.

Participating at the Australian University games for the first time, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. However whilst we were the new players to the scene, we definitely left our mark. The CQUni Mens touch football side advanced all the way to the grand final, where we were narrowly beaten by Western Sydney University. Securing a team silver medal was a tremendous achievement. On top of this, Justin Cridland and I were also awarded the ‘Green and Gold’ medallion for making the Australian Universities Merit team. This was a great honour to receive and it is a great feeling to know that I assisted the touch team to success in our first year.


As well as this, I felt very privileged and honoured to captain CQUniversity as a whole at the games; all of the players represented the university brilliantly. My advice for students wishing to compete in future years is to be confident in your ability and have a go! Unisport’s organisation of the games is really well done, making it a great week of competition, meeting and socialising with around 7,500 students from across Australia.

Martin Green

Sport: Cricket T20
Studying: Bachelor of Business – Management degree
Location: Gold Coast

As a flex student you often feel a little isolated but being in a team makes you feel like a valued member of university life.

I am at the tail end of a Bachelor of Business – management degree with one course to complete. I have been studying via flex. I was a little apprehensive about throwing my name in the hat for the Australia Uni Games but as a mature age student (44 years old) and living on the Gold Coast, the venue for this year’s event, I didn’t want to finish my time at uni with regrets. After several emails to Jana Paris, our team manager, I was selected for the T20 cricket. Rolling up on day 1 for our first game I didn’t know what to expect. Let’s just say that I’m no first class cricketer but after our first practice session I realised we were all of a similar standard. A large contingent of the team travelled up from Sydney and the rest of us from South East Queensland. My initial concern was how we would all get along but we ended up with a great group of blokes, easy going with a fantastic sense of humour.

While our enthusiasm didn’t translate into glory on the field we had the best time and gave 100% (We can say that we won our final even if it was only the play-off for 9th and 10th). To anyone questioning whether or not they would be suitable for an event like the Australian University Games my only advice is to do it. Experience all uni life has for you. As a flex student you often feel a little isolated but being in a team makes you feel like a valued member of university life. You don’t need to be an elite athlete to join one of the team or individual sports. Don’t let age or ability be a barrier. Create memories and friendships that will last for years to come. Thanks again CQUniversity for the best time ever.

Rahul Vij

Sport: Cricket T20
Studying: Master of Professional Accounting
Location: Brisbane

It was a week of extra ordinary fun, excitement and happiness.

I never thought that playing and sharing accommodation with people of different parts of the world can be this much amazing .As an international student it is a best platform to show talent abilities or skills and also to see how great the sports environment and standards are in Australia. I would really recommend my international fellow students to participate and experience AUG. In the end I really want to thank CQUniversity staff for being so supportive and for providing us most beautiful accommodation to all of us.


CQUni Domestic student (

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