Alumni Relations Wrap 2018

It’s been another wonderful year for CQUniversity alumni. Thousands of graduates have remained connected by giving back, updating details, attending events and helping students.

You can watch our university highlights in the CQUniversity 2018 Review video or read about the highlights for alumni below. We hope you enjoy the news, and as always, would be delighted to hear any feedback on your 2018 alumni experience or any ideas for future programs. Continue reading Alumni Relations Wrap 2018

Welcome to my hometown: Traralgon, Australia

A CQUni course can take you many places; to regional, remote or metropolitan Australia, or across the globe. Financial planning accounting graduate Paula Siddle introduces us to her hometown – Traralgon, Victoria –  and gives us the inside advice on where to get the best doughnuts.

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How do I survive exam stress & peak study times?

To help you through your university days, we asked a few graduates (also known as alumni) what they wish they had known while studying.

Remember, whatever your journey through your studies, nearly 100 000 CQUni graduates have been in similar situations – and through the CQUni alumni bond, they’re willing to lend you a helping hand.

Here are some of their tips for surviving exams and peak study times. For more advice on your study journey, read the ‘What I Wish I Knew’ brochure. Continue reading How do I survive exam stress & peak study times?