What our graduates wish they knew

To help you through your university days, we asked a few graduates (also known as alumni) what they wish had been told (or listened to) as a student – here are their answers. For more advice on your study journey, read the ‘What I Wish I Knew’ brochure.

Remember, whatever your journey through your studies, nearly 100 000 CQUni graduates have been in similar situations – and through the CQUni alumni bond, they’re willing to lend you a helping hand.
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A day in the life of a HR professional

Stephanie Price graduated from CQUni in 2012 with a dual degree in Business and Professional Communications. Stephanie began her career as the People & Capability Coordinator for Leighton Contractors in Gladstone and is now working in the Public Sector as a Learning and Development Advisor. Stephanie says being a professional communicator is extremely important when working in Human Resources (HR).

My experience of working in this type of role has been different with each new workplace and this makes it even more exciting to see what’s next for me!

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A day in the life of a psychologist

Helen Madell has completed two degrees with CQUniversity – In 2004 she graduated with her Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology and in 2017 returned to study her Master of Clinical Psychology. Helen works part-time at her private practice, Helen G. Madell, where she specialises in multiple areas of psychology including marital therapy, anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder, and has also recently commenced work as a casual lecturer with CQUniversity on the North Rockhampton Campus.

She says the best part of her job is the sense of satisfaction observing clients make huge differences to their lives.

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A day in the life of an agronomist

CQUniversity alumnus Claire-Marie Pepper

Claire-Marie Pepper graduated from CQUniversity with a Bachelor of Agribusiness and Food Security and is now a Graduate Agronomist with Northern Agriservices Ltd in Kingaroy, Queensland. Claire-Marie says her favourite part of the role is the variety.

“Even when you plan your days and weeks, something will always come up and change everything (this is not always a bad thing).”

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What does a research degree look like?

What does a research degree look like? We asked our research candidates and supervisors this very question for the 2018 Research Higher Degree (RHD) Selfie Competition. The entries varied wildly, providing a special insight into the life of a researcher. We’ve compiled a few of the entries made by CQUni alumni to showcase where a CQUni degree can take you –  including what it looks like when you find a rare, 45-million-year-old fossil. Continue reading What does a research degree look like?

Introducing our latest alumni program

Two people collaborating over coffee

When you were studying did you ever have a moment where you weren’t sure where your study was taking you, what your graduate role would be like, or how to get a graduate job?

Many students have moments like these; and the people best positioned to give advice in these times are those who have experienced it (we’re looking at you, graduates).

To help with this, we’ve launched the 30 Minutes a Month program, where alumni (another word for graduates) are rewarded for participating in small activities that make a big difference to students.

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Congratulating our 2018 Alumni Award winners

Alumni Award winner Paul Tabone

Above: Alumnus of the Year for Early Career Achievement, Paul Tabone, prepares for a role.

CQUni graduates make an incredible impact on their own life, and that of their family, workplaces, industry and communities.

Each year we recognise a few of these outstanding accomplishments to industry and community through the Alumni Awards.

We’re proud to announce our 2018 winners, and celebrate where their qualifications have taken them, and the impact they are making.

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