Volunteering and getting involved on campus — Bella Shares Her CQUniversity Experience

CQUniversity international student Bella

International student, Baljinnyam Davaajav (Bella, in short) comes from Mongolia with a background in HR Management.

She began her studies at CQUniversity Sydney campus in 2015 to study English through the CQUEnglish Language Centre and later enrolled in the Master of Human Resource Management, which she has recently completed.

We chat to Bella to find out more about her studies, advice she can provide to prospective international students and her experience at CQUniversity.

Q&A with international student, Bella on studying at CQUniversity

CQUniversity Student, Bella

1. Tell us about your studies. You studied ELICOS too?

Currently I have completed my Post Graduate and planning to get my graduation this December. And yes, I studied ELICOS too, which became a strong base for me to get my studies done. I learnt a lot about academic writing, how to paraphrase, and manage my study time as well.

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2. Why did you decide to study the Master of Human Resource Management?

I worked for almost 9 years in the HR field in Mongolia. I love HR so I decided to study in Australia to gain my knowledge and experience.

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3. Why did you choose to study with CQUniversity, and what have you enjoyed most about studying here?

At the initial stage of my planning of perusing postgraduate studies in Australia, I actually researched a couple of universities in which I found CQUniversity to be the best.

CQUni is very convenient for students in many ways, very close to public transport, lies in heart of city, ranked among top 2% in the world. Studies are conducted in ways to make ease for a student to understand better and work-life balance as well.

CQUniversity Sydney campus
CQUniversity Sydney campus

Studying here has given me various opportunities of working with university management and get involved in campus life where I got a chance to experience prosperous and career developing programs and training, such as pathways to success, mentoring programs and leadership programs.

Furthermore, I worked as a student peer adviser at the library and an International Student Ambassador.

4. Tell us about your experience as an International Student Ambassador on campus? Have you participated in any other university activities/student clubs?

I was very fortunate to get selected as an ISA where I got the opportunity to explore University experience in a better way. Being an ISA, I was able to participate in many volunteering events and campus activities among with Graduation ceremonies and being a part of a sports club — basketball was my best experience.

I strongly believe my ISA experience has assisted me to become a better student and more competent for the corporate world.

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5. What are your plans once you have graduated?

I want to work in HR management department in renowned, big companies, for which I believe entry level is the gateway.

Also, I am planning to stay in Australia for the next few years and take back my strong skills and experiences. In the meantime, I want my kids to get a good education here. The most important thing is I want to share my knowledge with Mongolian HR managers.

6. What were your thoughts before and after coming to Australia?

I had very mixed feelings with uncertainty and nervousness before I came here because belonging to a non-English speaking community I was not confident about getting dissolved in this country. I thought it would be much harder for me in getting good grades in studies as well because work life and uni life at same time was very new for me.

But after coming here I found out I was totally wrong and more nervous then I should be. Australia is a very good and civilised country, which accepted me and my background without any hesitation.

Lectures in University also helped a lot on my studies and then I started getting more confidence and I think it’s one of my best decisions in life to come to Australia.

7. What do you usually do after school?

Frankly speaking, my second home was the library where I spent hours going through all lecture slides and assignments. I want to thank CQUni who provide library facility to students even after class hours, which became my addiction and helped me with my degree.

CQUniversity Library

8. How did you find your accommodation?

I had few friends back from Mongolia who came to Australia a few years before me. They helped with accommodation for a few months and later I found an apartment through agents. And I am very happy with my place.

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9. Would you recommend CQUniversity to your friends back home? If yes, why?

Yes definitely, in fact I had already got few of my friends admitted to CQUni because I believe that CQUni understands international students better.

10. What is your advice to future Mongolian students?

Choose CQUni and Be what you want to be. Never stop learning.

Thanks for the chat, Bella!

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