Eager to learn – my unforgettable experience

CQUniversity Shane D'Silva

Hello, my name is Shane D’Silva and I am in my final term of the Master of Information Technology at CQUniversity Melbourne campus.

The past two years has truly been a fast-paced, mind-blowing experience. By blood, I hail from India. However, I have lived in Kuwait for almost 18 years.

I spent two years in Dubai as well as another couple of years in Qatar. I am truly grateful for my father who continues to work so hard to have provided our family with the opportunity to experience life in those countries.

When I was younger, I had always wanted to study abroad in America, Canada, UK or Australia. However, I was presented an opportunity to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering at one of India’s most prestigious private university, Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

I completed my studies and then set my sights on being able to start my life abroad. I went through days after days, agents after agents conducting tedious research into universities all over the world to pursue my master’s degree.

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A week at CQUniversity Rockhampton

Mesmerised is the word that describes my reaction when I first arrived at CQUniversity Rockhampton — the main campus of the University.

I went there to take part in the Chancellor’s Cup, an annual sports tournament. Teams from different campuses competed in sports like cricket, touch football and basketball.  Continue reading A week at CQUniversity Rockhampton

Afternoon Tea in Australia

Image of Helena having afternoon tea

In western countries, afternoon tea is really popular and the tradition is quite different from that in my home country of China. In China, people prefer doing business and chatting through meal. However, here in Australia most of people here go to a cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee or a dessert. I really enjoy this kind of lifestyle and have gradually become used to drinking coffee to refresh myself at the start of the day.

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Enjoying Life Independently

Shova reflecting on sydney beach

I came to Australia to study as an international student from my home country of Nepal. Like many of us, I started living on my own and although it was hard for me at the start I now feel awesome living an independent life. Here are some of my personal insights… Continue reading Enjoying Life Independently

5 Tips for Better Presentations

Woman in suit presenting data graph

As we’re a few weeks into the term now, many new students will need to do presentations as part of their assignments. Having good presentation skills is vital as it plays an important part in your study and work life. Continue reading 5 Tips for Better Presentations

My Top 3 Places in the New CQUni Melbourne Campus

CQUniversity new Melbourne campus - Library

I had the honour of being one of the first students to visit the new campus in Melbourne. My first impression was “This is AMAZING!”. The campus boasts a large main lecture theatre, a Multi-faith prayer room and an event space. Also, the classrooms have great audio-visual equipment. Continue reading My Top 3 Places in the New CQUni Melbourne Campus

My top three personal tips for new students

Time has passed so quickly and now I’ve been in Australia for one year.

Like many international students, I left my parents and chose to further my study in another country. Now that I’m starting my final term, I can look back and share my tips for new international students. Continue reading My top three personal tips for new students