Tips for Study Success

There are some moments in life where you may feel stressed, anxious or depressed, and those feelings might escalate at the end of term when your assessments are due.

As a part of Mental Health Month, our Counselling and Wellbeing Team have come up with some strategies that may help you cope during this time and beyond.

Keep reading to gain some great tips to succeed in your studies…

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Teaching teams offer support and flexibility during COVID-19

These are challenging and unusual times. The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and all the disruptions it is causing may have you questioning how you will juggle your studies in Term 1 2020.

Let us assure you that teaching teams are very aware of the uncertainty and difficulties that many of our students are currently facing.

While Census date for Term 1 2020 has not changed, you should know that the case-by-case decisions we make every term about matters like assessment extensions will take into account the wide-reaching effects of COVID-19.

Keep reading to find out how our teaching teams will offer support and flexibility this term…

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‘Get it Together’ with the Library and ALC

Each term, the CQUni Library hosts a series of ‘Get it Together’ study sessions across different campuses. In Term 3, sessions will be held online.

These sessions are a great opportunity to meet the experts, seek advice, and find out how to improve your results. We encourage you to attend and here’s why…

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#AskaMentor – How to tackle your first few weeks

Congrats! You’ve officially survived your first two weeks at University.

While we’re sure you are elated to have made it this far, you’re probably starting to feel a little stressed and anxious as you look towards the upcoming term, map out your assessments and start to notice those deadlines already approaching much quicker than you would like.


Tackling your first weeks at Uni can be daunting, and no one knows that better than our Student Mentors, who have been there and done that all before. Check out their best tips for making it through unscathed…

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What’s been happening on UCROO in Term 1 so far?

Term 1 is starting to really get busy now – and there’s plenty happening on UCROO, the CQUni digital campus. If you’ve missed out on what’s being posted in our student social network, here’s a quick round-up.

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What you need to know about GOAL

shutterstock_174215792.jpgTerm has started, settling-in time is over, and you’re probably beginning to feel a bit of pressure as your first assessment tasks start coming together.

Sometimes asking for help can be a daunting task, but, never fear, GOAL is here. If you haven’t heard of GOAL before, here’s what you need to know…

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5 Tips for Better Presentations

Woman in suit presenting data graph

As we’re a few weeks into the term now, many new students will need to do presentations as part of their assignments. Having good presentation skills is vital as it plays an important part in your study and work life. Continue reading 5 Tips for Better Presentations