Juggling sporting and study commitments whilst living regionally

My name is Madeleine Prizeman and I am a second-year student at CQU, studying a Bachelor of Science (Criminology and Psychology). I am also a CQUniCares North Queensland Sports Foundation Scholarship recipient currently playing Water Polo in Townsville and often travelling for State and National Carnivals.

My recent sporting achievements:

Earlier this year, I represented Queensland (QLD) in Canberra at the Australian Country Championships, where I achieved the Top Goal Scorer for my QLD Country Team. Previously, I have competed at the 2021 and 2022 Queensland Country State Championships. As a result, I made the Queensland Country Team to compete at the Australian Country Championships, whilst juggling my study commitments at CQU. I also recently competed at the North Queensland Games which was hosted in Townsville, as well as the Queensland State Championships where I competed and refereed.

Juggling study and sporting commitments:

I am finding my course very interesting and full of new information every class! The support from lecturers and CQU staff has been a really big help, especially during times when I have a lot of events on at once and must travel down south or even interstate. They are very understanding and show endless support to get me through my study commitments, whilst juggling training, travel and competitions. My scholarship has also helped me immensely, as it has taken some of the financial stress away as I have had to travel away for my meets in Term 1. It has also helped to pay for my training fees and equipment in order to make these State and National Teams.

I am forever thankful for the opportunities CQU and the CQUniCares North Queensland Sports Foundation have provided me.

Studying regionally in Townsville (North Queensland) has had some challenges with my water polo commitments, however CQU has been perfect and fully accommodating of this. With my Bachelor of Science (Criminology and Psychology) available online, it has allowed me to study from home whilst continuing my sport in Townsville. Living rurally as an athlete has meant I have had to travel south or even interstate for my competitions. The Australian Country Championships this year were hosted in Canberra (Australian Capital Territory) which meant I had to catch multiple flights to and from the event. I also had to take an extra day off from my casual job, either side of the competition for travel. However, with the help of the CQUniCares North Queensland Sports Foundation Scholarship, I was able to attend this event and others.

How my scholarship is making a difference and my advice to other athletes contemplating study at CQU:

My scholarship is giving me the greatest opportunity to develop my sporting career whilst advancing my education through CQU. This incredible scholarship is helping me to pay for things related to university and sport, such as textbooks, stationary, coaching fees, travel for sport and many other required needs. I would like to thank the North Queensland Sports Foundation for their constant support, as well as all the Criminology and Psychology Lecturers and Unit Coordinators.

If you are an athlete or coach considering study at CQU, I would highly recommend as they have been nothing but supportive and encouraging towards my study and sport commitments.

Benefits of applying for a Scholarship – in the words of Arrow Energy Go Further Scholarship recipient, Jorja Wem

Hi, my name is Jorja Wem, and I am a proud Wakka Wakka and Wulli Wulli women. I am a full-time, second year student at CQUniversity studying a Bachelor of Environmental Science.

My career aspirations:

My career aspirations involve being apart of environmental circumstances among companies that do a great deal of impact. I am inspired to support the growth and development within these companies to sustain environmental matters and be included in decision-making processes.  

How my scholarship is helping:

My Arrow Energy Go Further Indigenous Scholarship has allowed me to balance my study-load, compared to my personal workload. Unfortunately, I will face financial struggles within myself, especially once vocational professional placement comes around. However, the benefit of this scholarship will immensely support myself during times of need, like completing placement or enrolling in more units in a term, allowing me to cut back my work hours. 

Thank you to Arrow Energy for selecting me as a successful recipient for 2022.

My advice to other students:

When applying for scholarships, don’t consider it, do it. It changed my life in a way that I never knew it would. It will only take a short amount of your time. Scholarships will assist you with any financial responsibilities so that you can focus on your future as a student.” 

The CQUniCares Scholarship program changes lives and CQUni is grateful to partner with Arrow Energy who share the University’s passion for making a difference in the lives of our remote students, their families and our communities.

Applications for Term 2 Scholarships close on Friday, 3 June. For individual scholarship opportunities, including eligibility criteria and instructions on how to apply, visit www.cqu.edu.au/scholarships.

Applying for a scholarship the second time around

Have you applied for a scholarship in the past and been unsuccessful? Don’t be discouraged! Scholarships are highly competitive, but there are opportunities to reapply.

Our tips on how to prepare a stellar scholarship application are a great place to start when applying for a scholarship for the first time, but if you’ve been knocked back before, it can be difficult to know what to do next.

Keep reading for our advice on how to make your application stand out, the second time around…

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How to apply for scholarships

Managing your finances at uni can present some challenges. Even with loans like HECS-HELP, the day-to-day living expenses and university costs can be overwhelming. This is where a scholarship can come in handy and alleviate some of the financial burdens that come with part-time or full-time study.

Students often don’t apply for scholarships as they believe the application process is too hard. Others believe they are not suitable for a scholarship when in reality they are eligible.

CQUni has made it super easy for students to apply for scholarships. Scholarships for Term 1 2022 are closing on 7 January.  

Keep reading for current Bachelor of Education student, Meg Wright’s, top tips for applying for a scholarship.

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From Fiji to Rockhampton – how the Australia Awards Scholarship changed my life

Updated July 2021

Hi, my name is Shivaali Vanshika. I was born and brought up in Rakiraki, Fiji. In 2018 I was awarded the prestigious Australia Awards Scholarship to study a Bachelor of Podiatry Practice (Honours) at CQUniversity.

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How receiving a scholarship has helped me achieve my goals…

Chelsea Harrington has been studying online with CQUniversity since 2016. She began her Bachelor of Psychological Science as a mature aged student at the age of 29.

Skip ahead to 2020, with only two subjects to complete before she graduates we asked Chelsea to share why she is grateful for the opportunity to receive a scholarship.

Keep reading to find out about Chelsea’s journey and the importance of applying for scholarships.

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Tips for University and Pre-Career Success

We asked current student, Maitland Bezzina, to share his story and advice for success.

Maitland talks about the importance of getting involved in campus life activities, how to make positive change, the confidence you need to succeed, scholarship opportunities, and taking care of yourself.

Find out how you can succeed at university…

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Scholarships – The good kind of chance

As Term 1 2021 Scholarship applications are now open, we asked current Nursing student and scholarship recipient, Inneka Lippitt, why she applied for her scholarship and what advice she would give to other students who are thinking of applying for a scholarship.

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Just Do It – Why you should apply for a scholarship

We asked CQU graduate and scholarship recipient, Jamiee Bateman, why she applied for scholarships and what advice she would give to other students who are thinking of applying for a scholarship.

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Eager to learn – my unforgettable experience

CQUniversity Shane D'Silva

Hello, my name is Shane D’Silva and I am in my final term of the Master of Information Technology at CQUniversity Melbourne campus.

The past two years has truly been a fast-paced, mind-blowing experience. By blood, I hail from India. However, I have lived in Kuwait for almost 18 years.

I spent two years in Dubai as well as another couple of years in Qatar. I am truly grateful for my father who continues to work so hard to have provided our family with the opportunity to experience life in those countries.

When I was younger, I had always wanted to study abroad in America, Canada, UK or Australia. However, I was presented an opportunity to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering at one of India’s most prestigious private university, Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

I completed my studies and then set my sights on being able to start my life abroad. I went through days after days, agents after agents conducting tedious research into universities all over the world to pursue my master’s degree.

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