India: A ‘Beautiful Chaos’

Amanda - IndoGenius

Each place you visit in India is often quite unlike the next; there are beaches, deserts, jungles, cities, slums, mansions, farms, suburbs, every pairing or contradiction you could think of. In some areas, cows brush up against you as they wander the streets. In others, monkeys keep a watchful eye for shiny things to steal as you pass by. Street vendors watch you curiously as you dodge potholes and street dogs in the local roads. Then you turn a corner, and it’s your turn to gaze in awe at the incredibly intricate ancient artwork on a gold-plated temple. The sounds of Hindi and a dozen other Indian languages mingled with horn honking and Bollywood tunes are the constant backing track to your adventure. Because India is an incredible adventure. Continue reading India: A ‘Beautiful Chaos’