Eager to learn – my unforgettable experience

CQUniversity Shane D'Silva

Hello, my name is Shane D’Silva and I am in my final term of the Master of Information Technology at CQUniversity Melbourne campus.

The past two years has truly been a fast-paced, mind-blowing experience. By blood, I hail from India. However, I have lived in Kuwait for almost 18 years.

I spent two years in Dubai as well as another couple of years in Qatar. I am truly grateful for my father who continues to work so hard to have provided our family with the opportunity to experience life in those countries.

When I was younger, I had always wanted to study abroad in America, Canada, UK or Australia. However, I was presented an opportunity to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering at one of India’s most prestigious private university, Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

I completed my studies and then set my sights on being able to start my life abroad. I went through days after days, agents after agents conducting tedious research into universities all over the world to pursue my master’s degree.

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My internship during COVID-19

Hello, my name is Orville D’Silva, but most people call me Shane. Ever since I was introduced to coding back in my high school days, I always had a keen interest in web and mobile programming. Thus, I chose to pursue a degree in the Master of Information Technology majoring in Mobile Application Development.

The course contains a lot of essential units you would need as a future web / mobile app developer. Some of these are Responsive Web Design, Database Design, Information Systems, Project Management, Mobile App Development and many more interesting units.

If web dev or mobile app dev isn’t your forte, you have the choice to specialise in Software Design and Development or Network and Information Security and choose electives from a long list of cool units.

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6 reasons I chose to study Master of Professional Accounting

When I was in school one of our teachers asked us “What do you want to become in the future?” Many answered a doctor, engineer, pilot, teacher or air hostess and so on. But I was different from those children, I said I wanted to work in a bank.

This aspiration led me to study commerce in my high school and  Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) as an undergraduate degree. But, BBA was a diverse scope and I wanted to focus on one area. I was in a dilemma which field to choose. Them I came across Master of Professional Accounting at CQUniversity. Following are some of the reasons I chose Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) as a post-graduate degree out of many options.

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Six Things to Know Before Applying for Postgraduate Study Mid-Year

A postgraduate qualification can allow you to have more opportunities, take the next step in your career, expand your professional network, give you the potential to earn a greater income and expose you to many other benefits both professionally and personally.

We’ve put together our top tips to consider when applying for your postgraduate qualification at CQUniversity Australia.

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