A day in the life of a Registered Nurse

Marie Le Lagadec completed her Bachelor of Nursing in 2014. Now working as a Registered Nurse, she takes us through her daily activities. Marie says it’s important to go into nursing with your eyes open and a willingness to learn from your colleagues, even if they are much younger than you.

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Can makeup be more than a beauty treatment?

CQUniversity’s simulation experts have been using the art of moulage to train its nurses and paramedic students to deal with a variety of injuries.

Moulage is the art of using makeup and special effects products to create realistic-looking injuries on simulated patients.

It’s a technique that is helping hundreds of CQUni students learn how to respond to graphic injuries that would otherwise be very difficult to learn about without a real on-the-job experience.

CQUni’s simulated patients are often other students or community volunteers who give us their time to be ‘made up’ and play a character in a set scenario.

Here’s just some of great work produced by our moulage artists.

Nursing my career forward

Student Name:                    Bella Lee

Course Name:                     Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled)

Year of Study:                     Stage 2, 2017

How and why did you start studying at CQUniversity?

I wanted to look at a career path where I could engage more with the community and contribute to people’s quality of life, a career that reflected my character.  As a mature age student I was searching for courses that could offer me flexibility and a foundation into my new chosen career path, I found the Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled) offered me exactly what I was looking for.

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A change to Nursing for the better

When I was in high school, I was so torn as to my future. I really liked the Creative Arts but also had a passion for Science. There was pressure to know what I was going to “be” in the future. If I could go back in time and give advice to myself in high school, I would say two things:

Firstly- stop stressing about the future! So much pressure is put on knowing what you want to do and having that concrete plan for success. There are always ways and means of attaining your dreams- there is no linear path to get anywhere. You may need to do a bridge here, and go a road there, but it is possible to get where you want to go. And if you don’t know where you want to go, that’s ok too! Try something, if it’s not right, try something else. Find your happiness. There are people out there that have their plan from a young age and everything it seems goes to plan. However, this isn’t always the case and may take a little longer to find.

The second thing I would say would be check out Nursing. I’m proud to now have a better appreciation for this amazing workforce and even more proud to now be joining their ranks. There is no such thing as “just a nurse”. There are so many disciplines and sub-specialties and Australia being as diverse and geographically vast as it is, there are so many exciting opportunities!

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Juggling uni and kids prepares Gemma for life as a nurse

My name is Gemma Hale and I am a 31 year old Bachelor of Nursing student at CQUniversity.

I began part-time study via distance education in 2014 while my children were little; wanting to carve out a brighter future for us. I currently sit somewhere between first and second year with completed study.

I chose CQUni as they could provide me with the flexibility I needed to happily study whilst still maintaining some balance in my life. While based in Cairns, I am enrolled as a distance student meaning I reap the rewards of both worlds. I am able to use and engage in the study/social environment of on-campus offerings, but on days when commitments don’t allow me access, I don’t fall behind with material as I can study from home. I enjoy the diversity in utilising different working environments to enhance my studies.

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