Why does Mentoring Matter?

CQUni’s Career Connection program is bridging the gap between alumni professionals with industry experience and students looking for guidance or answers.

When discussing the Career Connection Mentoring Program with participants, the major theme of the platform boiled down to one word – flexibility – and in the digital age, this has never been more important. With the future of work rapidly shifting to a more digital and global practice, the challenge for future professionals to get that first foot in the door has increased.

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Why you should connect with a Student Mentor

As you progress through your time at CQUni, you may be wanting to connect with other students and receive advice and tips about life at CQUniversity. 

Enter the Student Mentor Program! A Mentor can help you find your feet, connect with others and aid your transition to life and study at CQUni. 

CQUni student and current Student Mentor, Dominic McCarthy shared why he considers connecting with a Mentor is one of the best decisions you could make whilst at CQUni. 

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