Making friends 101

When you are in a new city, you feel socially awkward. If you think this is strange, trust me, it’s not! Especially if you are introverted, making new friends seems quite intimidating.

Until you start getting about places and making new friends, one would feel that you are alone, even though you are surrounded by thousands of people. This blog is going to put a stop to that and give you the best tips on how to make friends in a new city.

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The beauty of finding friends while studying overseas

What will you cherish when you graduate?

Your studies? How about your assignment? Perhaps not, I think you will miss the moments you spent with your friends.

It might be the first conversation you had, the first gossip you shared, laughter that was so loud that the lecturer had to remind you that you were in a class, late night assignments talks, the conference you attended together, the clubs you went with your friends, the new cuisine you both tired and many more.

But perhaps like me, you had a problem making new friends when you started your university life in a new country for the very first time.

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