Attend the 2020 CQUni Virtual Careers Fair

The 2020 Careers Fair and Employer Panel has changed format and will now be online.

CQUniversity is closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19. Following advice from the Australian Government, we have decided to cancel the on-campus Careers Fair and will instead offer a Virtual Careers Fair on Wednesday, 25 March.

The Virtual Careers Fair will be hosted from 8 am to 5 pm (AEST). During this window, you can jump online anytime you are available or when an employer you wish to speak with is online.

To access the Virtual Careers Fair follow this Zoom Link.

This is your opportunity to interact with employers, hear about employment opportunities and current recruitment campaigns. There is also the opportunity for Q&A.

Keep reading to find out why you should attend…

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How to navigate class timetables

Class timetables take different shapes for different students. The flexible study options on offer at CQUniversity mean that your timetable could be a busy combination of lectures, tutorials and workshops each week, a simple block of residential schools, or you may have no on-campus classes at all, if your units are 100% online.

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Mixing with the STARS!

Tom Cruise Mummy Sydney

One of the perks of being an international student is you get to meet different people. Sydney is considered as one of the most diversified cities in the world, where you have the opportunity to meet people from all different countries.

What if the people you meet are from HOLLYWOOD…A renowned celebrity and a movie star??!! What if it is TOM CRUISE? Yes, I mean the actor from Top Gun, Mission Impossible, Few Good Men and the latest reboot of Mummy.

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Work and study opportunities: Paid Positions

Lectures, libraries and late nights come to mind when thinking about University but did you know there’s a world of other student experiences outside of simply studying?

CQUniversity offers a range of work and study opportunities, from overseas exchange, to leadership opportunities, mentoring, and paid positions. This blog highlights Student Ambassadors, Peer Advisors, and Participation Assistants but keep an eye out for other opportunities advertised throughout the academic year.

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A week at CQUniversity Rockhampton

Mesmerised is the word that describes my reaction when I first arrived at CQUniversity Rockhampton — the main campus of the University.

I went there to take part in the Chancellor’s Cup, an annual sports tournament. Teams from different campuses competed in sports like cricket, touch football and basketball.  Continue reading A week at CQUniversity Rockhampton

Outbound exchange program in Osaka, Japan – The End

The sad part of an outbound exchange program is that the program itself is for a short term. We get to meet lot of people and make new friends or rather I should say friends for a lifetime and then leave to our own ways. The first week was slow but the remaining weeks went like a flash. Continue reading Outbound exchange program in Osaka, Japan – The End

Outbound exchange program in Osaka, Japan – Part Three

During the last three weeks, we all had the opportunity to go on several excursions to other cities and areas. These day trips have given me the opportunity to know more about Osaka’s culture, food and people. The first trip was at Nara’s Todai-ji temple which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Continue reading Outbound exchange program in Osaka, Japan – Part Three

Start Uni Now (SUN) Success from a Seized Opportunity

CQUniversity SUN program

One part of me was bursting with excitement while the rest of me was shaking in my boots! I vividly remember it like it was yesterday. I had just signed up for my first University course through the Start Uni Now (SUN) program. However, there I was in my last year of school questioning whether I had what it took to excel in this new academic environment. Was I really ready for this? How was I going to juggle all my school responsibilities with the additional pressure of University? Had I just sealed the fate of my final year of school? Only time would tell! Continue reading Start Uni Now (SUN) Success from a Seized Opportunity

5 tips to go through your professional practice

Professional Practice can be a daunting experience, especially the first time.
I remember how nervous I was for my first placement – all of the classes you complete in the first semester of University don’t quite prepare you for the classroom.

I prepared everything the night before – my uniform (I decided to wear the same thing every day, so that I did not have to waste time deciding), my laptop bag, my portfolio and my lunch. Everything I did was to make a good impression as I really wanted the school to like me. If you do well on your placement the school may take note, which could lead to an employment opportunity in the future. Continue reading 5 tips to go through your professional practice