Namaste to G’day Mate

It has been four months since I took my first steps on Australian soil. My voyage from India saw me travel 7,500 kilometres, three flights and 26 hours for this “once in a lifetime experience”. When I arrived in this island country, I was awestruck by the natural beauty of Queensland. The splendiferous beaches and unique flora and fauna are a treat to the eyes. Doing my postgraduate degree in engineering in such a scenic place is a dream come true.

I chose Rockhampton for my study destination because the campus here is the main one. The “uni-life” which I desired to experience is here. The other most important reason was, since Rockhampton is a small town, the university’s community involvement is always at the next level which will help me grow professionally and personally.

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From Nepal to Sydney – Keep Learning, Keep Sharing

CQUniversity Sydney - Niraj

Hello, my name is Niraj Thapa Magar, I come from Nepal and I am studying a Master of Management for Engineers at CQUni Sydney.

I still remember those days when my parents used to be unhappy with me because I couldn’t get into any government jobs after my undergrad studies. For them, I should have a stable job, a stable source of income and a house before 30 — but, it’s so funny to say that I am nearing my 30s and I have none of these.

But, I am proud that my parents have always been supportive of my decisions. I wouldn’t be here in Australia without their support. In my 25 years, I have never been abroad before so studying in Australia has been one of the most exciting journeys of my life.

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Taking Engineering to New Boundaries with Engineers Without Borders

Updated October 2019

Hello, my name is Prince. After the completion of my undergraduate study in my home country, Nepal, I decided to move to Australia to pursue postgraduate study in civil engineering.

I chose Melbourne as my study destination as it was recognised as the world’s most liveable city with a high standard quality of living and vibrant multicultural society that is safe for international students.

Enjoying 2017 footy final with my Australian mate
Enjoying the 2018 Footy Final at the MCG with my Australian mate.
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Following in my father’s footsteps

My name is Xela Angela Pil (top right) and I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) and Diploma of Professional Practice (co-op). This will be my third year in the course with only a year and a half to go.

When I left school, I did so with no real direction on what career I wanted to pursue. I therefore decided to work for a while before jumping back into study. During that time, I was able to reflect on the things that interested me.

My father is a civil engineer and it was during this time between finishing school and starting university that I showed some interest in what he does – which turned out to be very interesting! He got to travel and be involved in creating a wide-range of interesting things:  from marine structures to bridges and buildings. This is when engineering became the suitable career choice for me.

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Building my engineering experience as an undergrad

Laura 2Hi! I am a final year electrical engineering student in the Bachelor of Engineering/Diploma of Professional Practice (Co-Op) program. I enrolled in this course straight out of high school and was enticed by the challenges and career opportunities that the engineering field has to offer. I chose CQUniversity due to the practical components of the program; the idea of graduating with at least a year’s worth of experience was intriguing.

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My experience with work experience

MatthewMy name is Matthew White and I’m a CQUni third year engineering student studying the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Diploma of Professional Practice (Co-op Engineering) majoring in electrical engineering.

The program provides access to 48 weeks of paid work and this year I went out into the workforce for my first official 24 week Co-op placement at Ergon Energy as a Reporting Analyst in Asset Governance Reporting. I have also been privileged to work previously with Energex in Demand Management and have just returned to Ergon on an extended contract to continue my work for a few months over Christmas.

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