How to be CyberSafe

Tuesday, 28 January is International Data Privacy Day, raising awareness about and promoting privacy and data protection best practices.

Behind the security barricades of CQUni’s Information & Technology Directorate, a team of superheroes work hard every day fighting the forces of Internet evil keeping CQUni’s systems and data safe. We call them the CQUni CyberHeroes! Chief CyberHero, Firewall, says ‘although Data Privacy Day is once a year, it’s important everyone maintains strong privacy practices all year-round to protect their data’. But what does that mean for you? Below are the CyberHeroes’ hot tips for you to follow.

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Introducing Mimecast

CQUni currently blocks 208921 emails every day letting in just 45% on average.  Despite this, you may have noticed a rise in the number of phishing and spam emails still making their way to your inbox.

To remedy this, IaTD have rolled out a new cloud based email security service for CQUniversity email: Mimecast.

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