Have you ever wanted to make a lecturer eat a tarantula?

Each year, some students from our Bachelor of Laws programs travel to the Kingdom of Cambodia to experience Cambodian culture, and to learn about human rights issues, violence against women, the exploitation of children, and Cambodia’s recovery from genocide under the Khmer Rouge in the late 1970s. Continue reading Have you ever wanted to make a lecturer eat a tarantula?

‘Your life is your message’ – Reflecting on India.

Hi, My name is Bec Ward and I am one of the Professional Communication/Digital Media students that was recently in India for a Sustainability Exchange Program with the Centre for Environmental Education (CEE).

As we sit aboard our Emirates flight bound for Australia, the plane starting to taxi down the runway, I begin writing this post.  I look around at the now familiar faces around me, some sleepy and tucked in, others excited and chatty at the thought of steak and chips in 33 hours time. However, our journey is far from over. Now is the time to reflect, digest and utilise the perspectives of what we experienced. Continue reading ‘Your life is your message’ – Reflecting on India.

Namaste from India

Hi my name’s Samantha Coombe and I’m one of three media students working in India. From Applying in November to boarding the plane to India in January the experience of traveling abroad for a study tour has been a whirlwind of excitement, exhaustion and adventure.

We stepped off the plane in Ahmedabad to be met with penetrating scents, vibrant colours, and the intensity of life India is made of. All twenty CQUni students on this study trip can vouch that India has shocked, excited and fascinated us. Continue reading Namaste from India

Basketball for the Bewildered

Even my most distant acquaintances are well aware I’m not a sports fan – my legendary lack of coordination has relegated me to the benches as long as I can remember. However, even I can’t deny the excitement of attending Sunday’s CQUniversity Taipans game. I didn’t understand a whole lot of the calls, but that didn’t stop me cheering – or, I confess, booing and jeering – along with the electric crowd. Continue reading Basketball for the Bewildered