Blogging Teens go Behind the Scenes

Imagine getting paid to promote events or products on your favourite social media networking sites?

A career in the media and communications industry has certainly sparked great creativity and interest for both Leigha and myself who took part in the CQUniBBloggers student experience last Sunday. We were among just eight privileged senior high school students who participated in a once in a life time, marketing and media work experience opportunity.

How might one day enable someone to completely delve into a career path and discover what it takes to be a part of the ever-growing marketing industry? The answer is simple… take part in a CQUniversity Taipans game day of course! Student blogging at a prestigious event like an NBL game is no walk in the park. Today we are going to bring you on our journey from our social media takeover of CQUniversity’s Instagram account to the post-game media conference.  Continue reading Blogging Teens go Behind the Scenes

Basketball for the Bewildered

Even my most distant acquaintances are well aware I’m not a sports fan – my legendary lack of coordination has relegated me to the benches as long as I can remember. However, even I can’t deny the excitement of attending Sunday’s CQUniversity Taipans game. I didn’t understand a whole lot of the calls, but that didn’t stop me cheering – or, I confess, booing and jeering – along with the electric crowd. Continue reading Basketball for the Bewildered